Articles Analysis Essay on Marketing Strategies and Their Implementation

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Defiantly Different: 5 Super Bowl Questions with MINIs Tom Noble

From the article, the brand is the new MINI Clubman. According to the article, branding should be a continuous process in one is to maintain high sales. Initially, for instance, most of the customers bought the MINI brand because it was fuel-efficient. However, with the falling price of fuel, most of the customers are no longer being influenced by fuel efficiency in making the purchase. When such a scenario happens, a company will experience a drastic fall in product sales.

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Salespersons can overcome such challenges through effective marketing strategies. This may include an endorsement from different celebrities and rebranding. The marketers ought to ensure that customers have more than one reason why they should choose their products over rivals. Hence, the article focuses on redefining marketing as a way of appealing to customers and remaining relevant at all times.

Get Off the Content Hamster Wheel

The article, Get off the Content Hamster Wheel has been authored by Roth Stephens. The main information in the article is for the marketers to ensure that the content is tailored to the market needs. The author laments that most marketers regurgitate similar information during their interactions with customers.

The content is mostly irrelevant, obsolete, and many customers find it repugnant. The article indicates that content ought to be specific and updated regularly to address customer needs. Again, communicating directly to customers or businesses has a positive effect of increasing sales. Direct marketing attracts and retains customers; and, hence should be promoted.

Classy Wears Online Clothing Boutique

The article Classy Wears Online Clothing Boutique focuses on the current trend on online marketing, and its effects on sales. The business targets teenage girls, who are perceived to be interested in trendy designs and fashions. According to the article, online marketing has been prompted by the fact that approximately 92% of teenagers go online daily.

The article emphasizes the need for businesses to keep pace with the changing tastes and preferences. The marketers should get information from the target customers with an aim of establishing their needs. This ensures that the business remains relevant and profitable.

Strategic Implementation in GoCoffeGo

The information from the three articles above is relevant and should be implemented in GoCoffeGo. From the first article, it is clear that building a strong brand, through rebranding is vital. A strong brand is built by giving customers the reason why they should buy one’s products. GoCoffeGo ought to focus on customer behavior and conduct an external market analysis to know what needs to be done to enhance the brand image.

The marketing strategy from the second article on getting off the Content Hamster Wheel is also applicable. The marketers need to ensure that the information communicated to target customers remains relevant. Customers will want to get information that addresses their immediate needs. This may include the kind of coffee and price.

Finally, online marketing has become a trend in marketing. Online marketing reaches more customers across the globe. As a result, a business is likely to attract more customers, which assists in increasing the organization’s sales and profits.


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