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I principally wish to enforce the necessity of educating the sexes together to perfect both, and of making children sleep at home that they may learn to love home; yet to make private support, instead of smothering, public affections, they should be sent to school to mix with a number of equals, for only by the jostlings of equality can we form a just opinion of ourselves (Wollstonecraft 179).

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Wollstonecraft recommends that to get equal opportunities in society, women and men should be educated together. When women are educated separately, they are deprived access to mainstream programs that help them grow and nurture their talents and abilities. Single sex education has a major effect on girls in that it limits exposure to the opposite sex. This education does not prepare girls for future work and family life. Girls are not taught on how to behave like a sister, mother, and a wife. This type of education system limits socialization of girls from the opposite sex. Educating students in single-sex schools limits their opportunity to work cooperatively and co-exist successfully with members of the opposite sex.(Stanberry).Educating females alone teaches them not to value diversity. Girls lack the experience of enormous diversity of life and are not able to share their opinion and ideas with different races, therefore, they may lack respect for different cultures. Therefore, to ensure that girls gets equal education opportunities as boys, both the public and the private ought to combine efforts in mixing the genders.

I have already inveighed against the custom of confining girls to their needle, and shutting them out from all political and civil employments; for by thus narrowing their minds they are rendered unfit to fulfil the peculiar duties which nature has assigned them (Wollstonecraft 175).

Mixing genders in public and private schools enables girls to develop better learning and acquisition skills. Collaboration between the sexes in the classroom exposes girls to the opposite sex as they can learn from each other intellectually as well as socially. In both private and public schools, mixing genders helps girls to be exposed to different cultures thus creating a good learning environment where they are comfortable to study and concentrate on their studies. Creating a comfortable environment helps girls to socialize better and participate in group activities effectively. In such an environment, girls tend to perform better and improve on their learning skills. Preliminary results of data collected through Puntambekars CoMPASS project show that middle school science students working in groups containing at least one member of the opposite gender scored significantly higher than single-sex groups on a test covering the content the groups studied, according to a paper co-authored by Dana Gnesdilow, Amanda Evenstone, Julia Rutledge, Sarah Sullivan and Puntambekar. (White). Both the public and the private education system ought to mix genders to ensure that girls get equal opportunities as boys. Students learning together in one class are in a better position to understand and perform well since they can assist and help one another. Therefore, both the public and private schools should ensure that they enroll both boys and girls as it promotes gender equality.

I have already animadverted on the bad habits which females acquire when they are shut up together; and, I think, that the observation may fairly be extended to the other sex, till the natural inference is drawn which I have had in view throughoutthat to improve both sexes they ought, not only in private families, but in public schools, to be educated together (Wollstonecraft 171).

Also, mixing gender in public and private schools allows boys to be able to voice out their opinions and ideas and learn how to interact with the girls. In mixed schooling system both the sexes can take help from each other and they can also share their ideas on different topics normally girls and boys have different point of view so the mixed schooling system enables them to share their ideas, removal of differences and also creates team spirit among them it also promotes mutual understanding between them.(Abbas).They can express and share their views thus boosting their confidence level and self-esteem. Wollstonecraft states, But, I presuppose, that such degree of equality should be established between the sexes as would shut out gallantry and coquetry, yet allow friendship and love to temper the heart for the discharge of higher duties. (175). It exposes women on how to fulfill their duties effectively, provide for their relationships and most importantly boost their self-confidence and esteem. This exposure will also help them develop domestic affections that are essential for their relationships. Women are taught on how to carry out their duties, take responsibility for their actions and showing respect for their elders thus developing high moral values. Working together psychologically prepares both sexes for real experiences. They can develop values and skills that will help them survive in the real world. Both men and women are exposed to different role models the expose them to different leadership roles. The also learn to work with their peers as they can learn from one another. Wollstonecraft states, they should be tried by their peers, which would be an admirable method of fixing sound principles of justice in mind, and might have the happiest effect on temper, which is very early soured or irritated by tyranny, till it becomes peevishly cunning, or ferociously overbearing. (177). Both men and women can learn from each others mistakes. Men are taught on how to take

responsibility in supporting the female character and not to abuse or mistreat them. Wollstonecraft states Women are taught on how to respect and care for the opposite sex. Nay, marriage will never be held sacred till women, by being brought up with men, are prepared to be their companions rather than their mistresses; for the mean doublings of cunning will ever render them contemptible, whilst oppression renders them timid (171). They learn about values such a caring and showing respect to their men. Whether it is public or private school, women are entitled to equal learning opportunities as men. They should be fully exposed to develop the qualities of a good mother and a wife. Women will become a product of what they are taught from a young age; therefore, it is of importance to provide them activities that will nurture their character, integrity, and moral values.

I personally believe that mixing genders in private schools is also beneficial for both genders because Private schools are supplied with powerful learning tools and modern educational system such as motivational courses and books, adequate and modern computer laboratories, well-built school facilities and a professional school administration staff. A major advantage to private education is that your child will likely be challenged to a higher academic standard. Private schools can be more academically rigorous than public schools, and private school students may have to meet more criteria to keep up their grade point averages.(Kennedy).These schools ensure that children are equipped with the best facilities to promote success. They also ensure proper coordination of work, therefore, female students attending private schools are more likely to have a character associated with success. They can learn about diverse cultures and associate easily with peers. Private schools offer activities such as competitions that improve the learners performance in an area of study, therefore acting as a sign of motivation since they do not want to fail thus working hard to win. Private schools offer tuition from staff members to the low performing student. This enables the child to improve on her studies as they are provided with all the required resources. Therefore, as much as the author supports the idea of mixing gender in public school, it is also important for the private schools to mix the sexes as it benefits the females as well.

In conclusion, the public and private education system must realize the respective equal role of both male and female and help them to complement each other to improve their life. It is important that this practice is initiated as soon as possible to allow for healthy competition between men and women and to give both genders the chance to compete effectively in the workplace. Men must use their dominant qualities for good by protecting and supporting females. Women must also use the little knowledge that they have to help males. It explains that the two beings complement one another. The national education system, therefore, should support any form of teaching that promotes gender equality such as gender roles and ensuring that the needs of women are met efficiently. It will be good for the societies and the country. As I conclude, it is correct what the author says about public schools mixing genders to promote gender equality in the education system, however, there is more weight in both the private and the public school system putting more effort to enroll both boys and girls eradicates gender inequality.

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