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Following a devastating period of the World War I that started in 1914 and concluded in 1918, most of the global countries thought it better to stay away from strife that could lead to another battleship. Most of them were ascertained of the existence of proper structures and protocols that were sufficient enough to ward off the possibility of any other world war. As a result, most countries embarked on a totally optimistic approach in dealing with the future of their economies and their citizens. America as a nation resorted to isolation and could not imagine any occurrence of strife.

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However, several other events and incidences compelled conflict arousal and the possibility of a World War II became inevitable. One such event that without much doubt fuelled the occurrence of World War II was the 1937s United States Ship Panay Incidence. ("USS Panay - Home"). This led to a consequent tension and a tussle between the Japanese and America. The onset of World War II was inevitable and was just a matter of time.

America, then under the leadership of President Roosevelt, had their naval vessels sailing around and within the Yangtze River. A major group of thoughts attribute these sailings to the display the flag and backing of the consular officers from the United States. The US navy conducted controlled and well organized patrols that included the use of gun boats built on purpose; and coordinated activities with the British Royal Navy. These patrols also extended off the Chinese coast to counteract piracy and related activities. Meanwhile, during this patrol by the US naval forces, the Japanese forces also moved upward the river to evacuated areas of Nanking where there were two US naval gun-boats, the Luzon and the Panay. Following a notification of evacuation to the US Embassy, the USS Luzon left Nanking with the embassy personnel including the ambassador aboard; with the USS Panay to follow in a weeks time. ("World War II-- Japanese Attack On The USS Panay")

However, on 12th of November, 1937; during the departure of the USS Panay that a Japanese ship fired at the US ship which had some embassy officials, other sailors and three oil barges. The intention behind the attack was to commence a civil war between these two countries that would put an eventual end to influence of civilians in the Japanese government. These attacks were followed by subsequent attacks that killed two sailors and a score of them injured. Although the Japanese government apologized citing no intention for this attack, there was public demand in America, led by Navy Secretary, Swanson for war to be declared. This however did not see the light of the day, thanks to the prevalent sentiment of isolationism and dissent by the Roosevelt administration. ("The Timeline For The USS Panay Incident"). However the relationship between the two countries severed making them a battle target for each other as later witnessed in the World War II.

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