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Expressing words through the form of writing can be the most satisfying feeling. Its a feeling that no one can express in its entirety. It is a kind of therapy. Writing consoles at the most needing times. I, however, dont think that it stops there. The satisfaction of a writer does not end with the writer.

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I thought about it for myself, and the reason that I came up with is, writing comes naturally. When I take my time with my computer, the words just overflow without having to break a sweat. It doesnt even matter if Im a good or bad writer. Whatever I am writing does not have to be published. I only have to get a certain feeling out of It. You know that feeling you get when you get home from a long day of work or school? When you get to remove your shoes and sit for a moment and breathe. That feeling of relief.However, isnt it such a great feeling when someone else approves of your writing? I love it when someone else appreciates and acknowledges my writing capabilities. I remember the day I wrote my first paper. The paper was about appreciating the love of a mother. I couldnt wait for people to read it. I knew it was good, and when I was finally given positive comments, people used words such as great article and very inspiring. I could hardly sit down for 5 minutes before looking at the comments again. The excitement was overwhelming. I had read the paper probably a million times just to be sure.

Writing brings positivity and inspiration into our lives. Even to those who do not like writing, it helps with visualization. When we put down words on paper, we can imagine what we have written. For example, when I jot down something positive about myself, for instance, when Im feeling down I write that Im awesome, Im a winner; I can do anything I put my mind to. These words inspire the inner me. There is that sense of satisfaction that comes with it. I can get back up and be inspired for the rest of the day.

Writing therapy does exist. I write whenever I feel sad or full of mixed emotions. Everyone has those days that you just want to be alone. This happens for me when Im feeling lonely. I once did this when I had a fight with my best friend. I felt lonely and depressed. That day you just want to sit on the couch, adding calories to your body. Writing about it helps.

Another satisfaction is the freedom to be someone you want to be. I could write about how I visited the dark rivers of the Zambezi. About how I visited Greece and had the best salad that Ive ever had. How I will never forget that feeling of the salad crunching in my mouth. No one can take it away from me. I could write about how Im the most powerful person in the world. About how when I wake up, I wake up to the breakfast that I asked for in my dream. This is what is so attractive about writing. I can be anyone, I can eat anything, and I can go anywhere. My imagination is not limited.

Writing for me is a special way to express myself. I find that it communicates to everyone more than even talking does. Some expressions one cannot completely express. When talking to someone in the heat of the moment, I may not say everything that I wanted to say. I remember there was a time I fought with my brother over money. I said some pretty offensive things to him that I wish I hadnt said. Once I said this thing, I couldnt take them back. On the other hand, when writing the same information, you find that you had more time to think about what you want to say. How to say it in a way that doesnt offend the other person.

Try writing and see what it does for you. It is a different feeling for everyone. Some have excitement, happiness, and joy. Other people may not get the same feelings. However, I can say that it will do something in your life. You can never know until you try. Let the words flow freely in your mind.

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