How Children Create Pain Relieving Methods

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In the course of this research, various challenges were met. One such challenge was the access to information for the countries that were subject to the focus study conducted. Because of the different nature of the countries, the information obtained from all three countries was not the same for them all. This could be because of the differences in recording information and updating databases from where relevant maternal death information could be obtained. Another reason that could have led to the differences in the result was due to the differences of the sources of data and due to the geodemographics of different countries in the society. Therefore, the study did not represent the most recent information on the issue of maternal deaths for all four sample countries. This could have some negative effects on the study as there are issues affecting credibility of the data during the study.

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The study also faced the challenge of having conflicting information from international organization sources and national sources. Organizations such as WHO, the UN and other regional blocs had different sources from the specific country sources. As such, there was often a statistical difference when considering the different sources of information. Moreover, it is possible that some respondents were familiar with the questions that the survey posed to them and were thus likely to give the wrong information. When people become familiar with the questions of a study, they are likely to give misleading information. This proves that there is need to avoid the various sources inclination when giving out the views to avoid giving misleading results Nonetheless, the intention of this study was to have a neutral approach towards the information obtained from the respondents and interpret is as it came.

Question 2

Sentence 2 is of great importance since it allows for the society and especially the teachers and the parents to develop interest in their children in order to help them to relieve pain and improve their welfare in the society. It is in this manner that the welfare of the children would be improved. New work helps compares favorably with the old as the new borrows lessons and ideas from the old that helps in improving the effectiveness in the modern society. This improves the welfare of the children to make them have proper growth and development.

Question 3

The sentences 3-5 encourages the parents to take keen focus on their children to help in the analysis of the challenges that the children face and help in creating solutions to the same. Having interest in the young children helps in improving their quality of life encourages their proper development.

Question 4

The tenses that were used during the study is that the nurses have various methods of relieving pain from the children while the parents have only one method each. This proves that fact that the pains that the children experience should be better treated by the nurses. In this manner, there is also the fact that the nurses have more sure ways of reliving pain from the children more than the parents.

Question 5

There are 4 sentences in the section 6.2 that refer to section 6.1 and this is the right amount because it helps in creating cohesion between the two section as one section helps in supporting the next. There is also the increase in harmony in the work thereby confirming the integrity and credibility of section 6.2.

Question 6

The title of my paper is How Children Create Pain Relieving Methods and this would help in the analysis of the children to help in the evaluation of the different forms of pain relieving methods and the role of the children in improving their own health. The completion of the topic would require that the society carries out the analysis of different types of self-initiated pain relieving methods and the ability of the children to develop the pain relieving methods in their bodies. Additionally, the analysis of the various methods available among the children are such as using distraction, sleeping, immobility, and seeking pain relievers or requesting help from the nurses. This is of much importance in the living conditions in the society because it seeks to improve the comfort of the children and understand the relationship between psychology and the comfort of the children.

The title of the paper was created in order to address the elicited challenges that the children face and focus on creating solutions to the challenges with the aim of improving the comfort of the children. The quality of life is improving day-by-day and this proves the need of the society to help in the development of the healthcare system with the view of capturing all the negative effects of the healthcare system. There would be the analysis of the effects of poor parenting in the modern society and helps in the improvement help in creating the comfort zone that the children require in their young lives.

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