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After thorough examination on the patients whose health tests showed no serious health conditions yet their physical conditions looked horrible, it was realized that the patients had other problems other than being ill. Most patients suffered from depressions resulting from certain personal problems. When the patients were persuaded, they shared their conditions to the healthcare provided and their health conditions improved thereafter (Schantz, 2007, April). That was the beginning of compassionate health care provision. It involved the patients sharing their health and personal problems to the healthcare providers. The friendliness of the healthcare providers provided peace for the patients. The process has since then been an effective mode of healthcare provision. The concept is preferred by most patients even though its use has drastically declined since the introduction of machine use in healthcare provision. The purpose of this essay therefore is to analyze the concept of compassion in healthcare provision.

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There are several methods of concept analysis. The Walker and Avant method of analysis was used for the analysis of the compassion concept. The concept involves the following steps during the analysis of any concept. After the concept to be analyzed is identified, the system determines the targets or the reasons as to why the analysis is conducted. The following process is the determinations of the uses of the provided concept like in this case the uses of compassion as a concept. The attributes that define the concept are identified thereafter before the construction of the model case for the concept (Canadian Peace Research Institute, 2006). The next concept includes the construction of various borderline cases, contrary, related, illegitimate and invented cases of the concept in question. The concepts consequences and antecedents are then identified and finally, the empirical referents are defined.

The public expect the healthcare providers to be compassionate in their provision of health services. Compassionate care is one of the major results expected out of the healthcare providers in healthcare providing institutions. Compassionate health care is referred to as a proper nursing care. The compassionate care has for a long time been done by the health care providers especially nurse and other healthcare providers to console the patients. It involved persuading the patients to share their health conditions with the nurses or any health provider. This practice enhanced patient recovery as the patients were relieved after sharing their conditions with the health providers (Straughair, 2012). The health providing institutions used to be very friendly then and the process of health provision was efficient. However, the improving technologies in health provision brought about the use of computers in health provision. The use of computers has really destructed the nurses from providing compassionate care for the patients.

The attributes of the concept include the fact that most patients whose conditions seemed worse from physical appearance but tests showed that were suffering from minimal infections became common. The healthcare providers realized this and decided to conduct certain examinations on various patients with such conditions. The research showed that such patients were suffering from majorly depression and other non-medical situations that could not heal medically. The healthcare providers persuaded the patients to share their personal non-medical problems. After sharing their problems, the patients were observed and the findings showed that their conditions had improved immensely (Canadian Peace Research Institute, 2006). Because of this, most healthcare institutions decided to implement the concept since it was effective in improving the health conditions of various patients. The concept has from then been used across the world until the introduction of machines in healthcare provision that has kept the healthcare providers too busy to effectively engage with the patients effectively.

The antecedents of the concept of compassion involve the ancient scientific testing and physical appearance of the body of the patients and then the administration to drugs and the current technology where machines are used in healthcare provision. Before the invention of the concept of compassion, healthcare providers used to examine the health conditions of their patients either by judging from their physical appearances to get the symptoms of various diseases or by conducting the normal medical tests (Sabo, 2011). Then the combination of the concept was adopted when the normal healthcare practices were no longer effective. The introduction of technological machines that are nowadays used in health provision has again hindered the concept as the healthcare givers are committed to the machines hence limited time is left for them to practice the compassion concept.

The consequences of the concept were notable as patients preferred its use. Some of its attributes include comfort to the patient hence quick recovery. As stated in the article, the patient after sharing his condition with the nurse had an improved health condition. This meant that the patient was relieved to have shared his mental condition with the nurse. The efficiency of the healthcare provision improved drastically. The improvement in healthcare provision is owed to the fact that the patients were feeling free now and they shared their feelings with the healthcare providers. Through the concept, the healthcare givers could easily identify other problems within the patients that they might have otherwise kept to themselves and the tests could have not revealed. The major attribute of the compassion concept in health provision is however the friendship it develops among patients and their doctors (Jenkins, & Warren, 2012). This kind of friendship has really raised the efficiency of the health services across most healthcare institutions.

Though not included in the provided article, empirical referents of the concept are available since the concept is still applied in some hospitals. The practice of compassion in healthcare is not as active as it was before. Apart from using the modernized machines in subjecting healthcare the nurses still spare sometime to engage patients in health conversations that are very constructive towards their recovery and comfort at their conditions. While taking the health records of the patients, the doctors still record the psychological conditions of the patients. Though the world has developed rapidly in terms of technology, there are still instances where the compassion concept is still applied in provision of proper healthcare.

From the article about the concept of compassion, the understanding of the concept can be stated as the provision of an opportunity to the patient to express his or her views regarding their health conditions (Schantz, 2007, April). It is the practice of allowing the patients to contribute towards their healing from certain diseases by assisting the healthcare providers with the relevant information about their lives. The system is used to motivate the patients by creating a situation of reality since they are likely to believe in the processes involved in their health recovery processes. In some areas the process is regarded as the most effective and friendlier way of subjecting treatment to patients whose conditions is suspected to be psychological instead of the normal medical conditions that would be easy to tackle.

Nursing is a discipline that requires a lot of commitment and discipline in order to fully understand the situations of various patients. Using the concept of compassion in nursing is relevant and very effective as it builds an effective relationship between the patient and his or her doctor. The concept allows nurses to develop skills to engage the patients in the practice of healthcare admission and recovery from the various illnesses (Sabo, 2011). The concept use in nursing is also relevant since it enables the nurses to develop various skills to mentor their patients out of their health conditions and into new levels aimed at recovery from their conditions no matter how severe the conditions might be.

In conclusion, I would like to state that the concept of compassion is a very useful concept that should be rejuvenated for use through all the sectors of the economy where it would be relevant. The effectiveness of the process is based on its capability to allow the patients to participate in their recovery. The emergence of the machine use in healthcare provision is good since it has provided quicker and sufficient services within the medical system but it should not be the reason why the compassion concept should be ignored. Various institutions especially the sensitive ones like nursing should embrace the concept of compassion and instead use it along the technological methods that have encrypted the medicine industry recently. The concept is more appealing than the machines and technologies.


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