Assignment Example on Cervical Cancer Screening in Dubai

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What is the cost-benefit of screening for cervical cancer from the age of 25 in the UAE?

In UAE, Dubai Health Authority suggests that two-thirds of women in that country require cervical cancer screening. Frequent and routine screening from the age of 25 enables cervical cancer to be preventable this is because this type of cancer is one that can be prevented.

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Batinti (2014) argued that it will enable young teenagers to carry out screening willingly and this will help identify the early stages of cervical cancer and be cured quickly. The mortality rate caused by cervical cancer will definitely reduce because cancer will have been prevented and cured at its early stages.

What new approach is considered at least as effective for cervical cancer screening as a Pap test?

Batinti (2014) again added that a new and standard way is to carry out human papillomavirus (HPV) test which is based on a DNA test and this is the optimal way to reduce false-positive results from visual inspection methods without producing more false-negative. Also, the test is very useful for females whose pap test detects abnormal cells in their cervix.

What role may specific genetic testing play in determining risk and prophylaxis for breast cancer?

Specific genetic testing will be increasingly important in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer. The incorporation of multi-gene panels into clinical practice allows a growing number of genes to be routinely tested for cancer-related mutations. The results outcome may help reduce the patient’s anxiety and fears about cancer. Also, most people around will want to take part in the screening for cancer.

Discuss two risk factors for colorectal cancer

There are two major categories of colorectal factors these are:

  • Colorectal cancer risk factors one can change

These are linked to diet, weight, and exercise. These are some of the strongest factors and they will include the following being overweight, physical inactivity, certain types of diets, smoking.

  • Colorectal cancer risk factors one cannot change

These are the factors which go up as one age where it is more common after the age of 50.

Given the high mortality from lung cancer, particularly among UAE men, briefly propose a case for or against a lung cancer screening program in UAE.

Jankowski and Brown (2014) continue to add that the main goal of screening is to detect the disease at a stage when cure is possible however it also has got its demerits in that, frequent screening enables too much radiation exposure and this will cause harm to the cancer patient. The cost of everyday or frequent screening will be high and to a normal UAE citizen of a low or middle class, this will be very expensive. And finally, the patient will be emotionally affected by frequent visits for the checkups.


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