UNITAR Executive Diploma in Diplomatic Practice

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The most relevant topic addressed during the UNITAR Executive Diploma in Diplomatic Practice course is effective writing. The choice relates directly to my daily work as a secretary in the ministry of foreign affairs. In my life, I have always found it easier to express my views or suggestions in writing. I have always been passionate about writing since communication is precise and straightforward. I have always wanted to learn the best way to communicate or pass information while including all crucial details, and without using too much unnecessary words. Writing is a hobby that I enjoy practicing every day. I plan to write and publish several books, either for entertainment purposes or educative in diplomacy subjects. For my career aspirations, I need to equip myself with the best writing skills. I dream in the diplomatic hierarchy career, which requires a lot of reading and response in writing. Besides personal reasons, my typical day in office involves a lot of writing, thus making effective writing the most appropriate topic.

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In most days as a secretary, I either prepare draft statements and press releases issued by the ministry. Also, I follow up and analyze daily news from both local and international agencies, on events either taking place in the country and outside the country. After explaining the news, I give a brief account of the relevant information to both the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of State. Finally, I have to provide all Qatari diplomats abroad with reports on events happening in the country. Therefore, my daily tasks involve either reading or writing emails and papers, making the topic not only beneficial to my personal growth but also contributing positively to the regular office work.

Attending the Executive Diploma course had several impacts on both my knowledge and skills as a writer. Some of the writing things that I thought I knew turned out to be wrong. For example, I learned that summarising a speech required writing what was said in short form. However, it turned out that only the crucial segments of the address were important. To bring out the essential parts required going through the statement several times. Also, I have always had a problem with writing short sentences. The course insisted on the need for making subjects short and concrete, which in turn shortens the sentences. While writing, I feel the urge to explain a point with extra sentences, which I think makes the message more understandable. However, it was surprising how the extra sentences could make it more confusing. Before starting to write anything, it is always essential to plan. Usually, I find myself just diving into writing, which is entirely wrong.

Professionally, the course will make my work more manageable at the office, which, in turn, will increase my productivity. In some cases, I have had to write more pages than there should, whereas I can concentrate on another work. I believe that I will receive fewer replies of people requiring clarification or summaries of any work that I have written. Also, I believe that my communication skills are now a notch higher, which makes me a better leader at my workplace. In future, the course will help me communicate effectively without wasting other's time. I believe my work will have fewer mistakes since I have learnt the need and difference for editing and proofreading.

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