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Anthropology is a wide discipline, so get ready to express your ideas on plenty of topics. A cultural anthropology essay should contain your own viewpoints on the cultural phenomenon or other related subjects. Get ready to compare the stages of human development, origin theories, or figure out explanations to definite behavioral patterns. As you see, you’ll be touching on a great number of problems or topics in your anthropological paper. 

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List of the Samples on Anthropology Hottest Topics 

  1. Compare and Contrast Essay Sample on Philosophies of Fukuyama and Bailey on Transhumanism
  2. Expository Essay on Death From a Child's Perspective
  3. Analytical Essay Sample on Race and Ethnicity as Separate Phenomenon Through Movies
  4. Persuasive Essay Sample on Human Race Does Not Exist
  5. Analytical Essay Sample on Medical Anthropology Perspective
  6. Persuasive Essay on Anthropology Lineages and Transnational Flows
  7. Informative Essay Sample on Nonhumans Primates and the Human Research
  8. Argumentative Essay Sample on Three Top Things I Would Like to Change About the World

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