Evolutionary Change and the Theory of Natural Selection

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There are many ideologies and arguments on how evolution and the present life came into existence. There are many theories brought forward each with their own argument and point of view as well as strong points which form a basis of support for the argument. The Darwinian and Lamarckian theories of evolution are the most popular of all theories.

This theory popularized by Darwin and Wallace and according to the theory of natural selection also referred to as the Darwinian Theory, there exists variation in all living things, and mutations happen within natural settings and passed to the next generation of offspring. The environment is among the factors that cause mutations in that those organisms with stronger traits and characteristics survive than those with none or less of the characteristics. The natural selection happens across all organisms and only the best of the population survive.

Evolutionary change takes place according to the doctrine of acquired characteristics

This theory from Jean Lamarck relies on the ideology that living organisms have the ability to pass certain characteristics that it deems importance to its offspring. Unlike the Darwinian theory which suggests that there are variations in offspring, this theory works by arguing that the characteristics passed down to future offspring are of high importance that the parent deems important and of high value to continue with future generations. This confirms that offspring and young ones in an organism have the behavioral tactics and traits acquired from their parents.

Which one of these seems to better explain biological evolution (and why)

The Darwinian theory of evolution explains better the biological evolution than the Lamarckian theory of evolution. This is because it explains that only the strongest and most relevant survive in a population of organisms. It is a form of population control where only the best will make it in life. It ensures that the weakest die and with that out of the way, the strongest and those with the right traits and characteristics can reproduce and replace the dead. The population still increases through reproduction. The other argues that characteristics passed down to offspring, which may then have weaker and negative traits passed down.

Can Lamarckian theory offer any explanation regarding the evolution of scientific ideas? Why do you think so or why do you think not?

Lamarckian theory can offer an explanation and give a light on the evolution of scientific ideas. This is because through the passing down of characteristics from the parents top the offspring. For instance, parents may have an idea on how to develop and invent things and may not quite grasp it. They may invent and miss something. However, their offspring may manage to develop and make the original ideology work. There are more resources available on all different offspring than parents have hence there is the possibility that there would be a better evolution of scientific idea.

Lamarckian successful explanation to a Popperian and a Kuhnian account of the evolution of science

The Lamarckian theory of evolution has implications on other theories developed after it and more specifically on the Popperian idea, which believes that the rich and available scientific knowhow and knowledge pools from a natural selection. On the other hand, the Kuhnian theory of evolution argues that science follows a stipulated path

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