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Many individuals have found themselves in trouble due to the term race, which has been misunderstood and used as ethnic intensifiers. Everyone has gotten it all wrong as race does not depend on skin color, language, nationality, or even religion. Over the years, however, scientists have changed their views and the way they consider the term race. This raised an alarm as to whether there is biological validity to the existence of race or it is based on the myth and confusion that is misleading humankind. Numerous dispositions done by scientists with an aim to correct what has been a misconception together to prove is aimed to show how invalid the modern concept of race is to the biological concept.

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Scientific View on Human Being

Biologists have come together and through their research, they have discarded the notion that race is a valid way of defining a human being. Anthropologists and biologists have come to an understanding that race is not a biological category that is created by differences in the genes that are transferred from the parent to the offspring or the ancestor. It is right that there is a variation of genes, but I am not in the notion of being black, white, red or having brown races. The human population is said to differ only through their cultures which help them to adapt to different environments and not because of physical differences.

Many political and social problems are built on the basis of racial misconception, and the disparities comprehend how the confusion influences how humans deal with the outcome of the injustices. The belief and the idea that is mostly mistaken is that people tend to believe there is the existence of biological race, which enables the transfer of character, morality, and individual aspect to be inherited from one generation to another. The concept of race theory has been a shield used in modern historical development as the biologists totally disagree with the claim.

The development of precise tools for biologists has been used to prove otherwise the race theory. The research was used to examine whether the hereditary characteristics of the population can be categorized into geographical races. When one examines the concept of skin color, hair type, body stature, blood groups, disease prevalence, it is viewed that there is no correspondence to the definition of race in the history that is known. The genome in a human being is the one responsible for the difference in geographical disparities and not a race.

The DNA of a human has got proteins whereby together they make chromosomes since a human has 23 pairs of chromosomes, the loci which are the point on the chromosomes is the one responsible for different traits to suit different geographical locations. For example, a dark African has got alleles that help and protect the individual against the ultraviolet rays that might damage the skin. The lighter skin, on the other hand, can easily synthesize vitamin D as they can exist in the temperate zones and they, therefore, do not need dark skin. A perfect example is a polymorphic locus which is the blood group A, B, and O. One can find that an African might have the same blood type as the European since the color is not a measure to distinguish race but the blood type in the two individuals. The features are due to the natural selection of species and adaptation to different environments.


Over a period, people have been made to believe that one trait of a gene can distinguish and classify the human population. This has been proven wrong over the years as it is evident in biology that a species is a population of individuals who mate to produce viable species. Due to geographical disparity, the species will mate more within the region than between but in time, new species would be developed as an evolution of distant populations would take place forming different species. Human evolution has been characterized by many different populations living at a given time and therefore human race does not exist among modern humans today, and it never existed in the past.

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