Big Society: The Voluntary Sector and the Work of Voluntary Sector Organizations

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In the Big society, the policy terms lead to essential issues with an increasing ideology of voluntary sector as a major service provider of services. The justification came as a result of the good past experience that was observed in the type of relationship that existed, between the communities they offered service to and even presented; many positive and beneficial traits were characterized by the voluntary sector, portrayed greater efficiency, closeness, and responsiveness to the communities. The shift of the new labor system to the big society was generally portrayed as an association that is moving away from its responsibility of a campaigning role towards the direction of providing service (Carr,2012)

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Big society approach work in the direction that offers cuts in the process of funding of the public and the voluntary sector also help in making suggestion on the directions that some of the policy may take most probably in future and the type of current and existing opportunities and threats that that is presented for the voluntary sector organisations. Most of the voluntary sector organization normally focuses on redefining its relevance and making efforts to justify its role in providing services through the use of political actions and campaigning .through the big society approach, most of the people joining or at one point getting involved in voluntary sector projects are major young, politically motivated and enthusiastic. Through the unquenchable drive, groups like Child Poverty and Action has been created to deliver the young society from deprivation, poverty, the challenges of living a life of low incomes over a specific period of time since the gap that is existing between the poor and the rich are increasingly broadening(Carr,2012).

The voluntary sector has been highly politicized, in the big society the group has been influential in coming up with peace campaigns and different movements that are anti-war. Majorly voluntary sector has played a major role in sensitizing and ensuring peace in the society .during cold war more campaigns focused and sensitized on nuclear disarmament flooded different societies in the whole world. Voluntary sectors came out of the political establishment and decided on the important direct action that was of virtue. Much importance was realized by the anti-cold war peace agenda that was organized by the campaign for the nuclear disarmament (CND) in the general environmental movement. Basically, the association of voluntary sector has portrayed service provision has an issue with its own objectives, it is majorly rooted on service delivery and during this time, the state was not able and showed signs of unwillingness to offer the society with clarity on some of the security this point, the voluntary service played an essential role in through tactics advocacy ,non-violent actions towards solving serious problems, self-marketing a direct appeal which brought a lot of peace and solution to problems. Although the voluntary sector has played an essential role in service delivery as a major aspect that the sector can be identified with, the foundation of this service delivery came up with a negative view and painted a bad picture to the government on its lack of willingness to protect and provide for people(Carr,2012).

Voluntary sector at one point was viewed as unequivocal, whereby it has sided and supported the powerless against the powerful individuals and organizations who are misusing their power and objectives. The sector has worked hard in most cases when difficult challenges arise, through holding dialogue with the locals, government, and nationals. Most solutions have been achieved by the voluntary sector negotiation and mediation. The most positive impact has shown by the voluntary sector, though the institution has faced difficult challenges of funding the sector and much burden has been transferred to the government and most non-governmental organizations(Carr,2012).

The voluntary sector has contributed to the broader development of trade union movements and the existing labor party through the major support and campaigns the voluntary sector normally perform to offer support and to voice employees against oppression and dictatorship. They have also rejected the bad government policies that are not considerate in the development of a country and the job market as a whole. Though much of success has been seen, groups such as the Child Poverty Group have not been successfully managed by the voluntary sector due to serious challenges of financing. Additionally voluntary has also faced a serious challenge in the process of collaboration with the trade unions, this is as a result of decline of most industries that has contributed to dissolution of some trade unions and even making the trade unions to lose their role and to redefine their role in the society, some challenges have been experienced since voluntary at one point is unable to influence policy(Carr,2012).

Notable, in the emergence of the big society, some policy had an essential impact on during the specific time was the gradual changing attitude towards the social housing. New social housing was under the provision of and responsibility of the housing association. Some of the housing association industries started coming with non-standardizes buildings. Ghettos which were meant for the poor rose in number, this was for the population who were a disadvantage in the society which ended up forming the smaller social community. Voluntary sector due to competition and housing development came into rescue through playing their role in community development. The sector played a major role in community development campaigning for cost consideration and improvement by working with the government for improvement. Their role changed to service provision by contracting with the government to come up with innovative models to improve different practices.

Additionally, voluntary sector played an important role in the development of the labor governments, this was strongly motivated by with the cheap offer the sector used to offer, they could interact and easily socialize with the individuals from the grass root levels due to the good relation that existed between them and the people(Carr,2012).

Lastly, the voluntary sector at one point has worked hard to be the cheaper and most efficient than the statutory sectors. This has made the government to extensively expand their voluntary service unit leading to the creation of a home uni...

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