The Presidency of Abraham Lincoln

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Many situations in life involve the participation of a person. This is especially the case for the situations whose ends are beneficial to the person. In the world where nothing comes along easily, there is need for one to struggle in order to get the best out of the available options. One sociological theory called conflict theory explains that humans are in a constant competition over the scarce resources necessary for living. People are always on the move to seek for money, better jobs, better houses, and better spouses. However good things do not always come by and people must compromise to live with the available ones. Additionally, its human nature to pursue for excellence and perfection. Therefore, its not common to find people being contented in relatively low social status. In other words, struggle is a perpetual occurrence. Oftentimes, struggle yields the intended outcomes. Sometimes, we do not get what we struggle for. In other times, we get favors we do not merit for. In all these cases, people value the outcome of their struggle as long as its precious. At the same time, there is value attached to things considered precious, whether they are gotten by struggle or otherwise.

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In the book Frankenstein, Mary Shelley writes of a character called Victor. In the university, Victor uses Chemistry and philosophy to make a human replica. He endeavors for many days in a quest to fulfill his mission. Every day in his underground laboratory, he joins a part to the other until his creature is finally complete. He says it was on a dreary night of November that I beheld the accomplishment of my toils, meaning that he succeeded after a long struggle (Shelley 58). He then blows life into it, only for it to turn into yellow-eyed monster. The results of his two years struggle however did not please him. He lost any value in his work because of the kind of fruits it yielded. Victor says that the beauty of the dream vanished (Shelley 59). It means therefore that its possible to lose value in the fruits of a persons labor when they are not in tandem with ones expectations.

In the early history of civilizations, industrialists used slaves to work in their industries and farms. In America, slavery was a rampant issue. Because many slaves were of black origin, it was closely tied to racism. Several abolitionists fought tooth and nail for emancipation of slaves to free men. Abraham Lincoln was in the frontline in fighting against slavery. He struggled to bring an end to slavery in the American territories but at the same time save the Union from crumbling (Paludan 39). He valued his course very much. In 1864, he wrote a letter to Albert G. Hodges saying that nothing was more wrong than slavery (Paludan 51). To assert his position on slavery, Lincoln enlisted black soldiers in a move to convince the people that blacks were also humans, and slavery was evil. This is a case of a person who valued his course of struggle. It means that there are cases where people attach a lot of value in things that they have struggled for or are struggling for.

In conclusion, there is always something in life that prompts one to engage in a struggle. There is an outcome at the end of a struggle. A person can value the outcome if it conforms to their expectations, or lack value for it if it doesnt. However, it does not mean that value is only attached to things struggled for. Sometimes people values things given to them freely or ones they acquire without a lot of struggle.

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