Anglo-American Mining Company

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This third type of communication barrier was a case study that was presented by Marlane Kayfes, a Senior Technical Writer for Shea Writing and Training Solutions. The barrier as Marlane Kayfes (Joanne Liou, 2014) presented was due to illiteracy and audience understanding. These can be categorized under the semantic type of barriers. Between the years 2007-2011, the mining company recorded 31 fatalities. A safety audit done in 2009 revealed that the major risks were related to transportation in the facility. Most of the contractors working there were illiterate and did not comprehend the dangers they were exposed to every day.

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Mineworkers might be casual workers from poor families. Despite the fact that they are out to look for a living, it is advisable that they learn the procedures that are followed in the mines. The company decided to have regular training to the workers and special training to the new workers in order to help them to remember and be aware respectively of the dangers associated with transportation in the mines. Consequently, the knowledge gained is easily passed to other new employees by the experienced employees reducing the number of fatalities that the company had before the training was launched (Joanne Liou, 2014).

In order to counter this, the company embarked on a training session for all the contractors. To effectively pass their information to the illiterate workers, they used simple means such as videos, posters, t-shirts and other visual aids. Eventually, the level of fatalities was reduced by a great margin. The use of signs that are conspicuous is another sure way of alerting the mine workers of any danger that they face (Faheem-Akhter, 2016)). The different signs allow the mine workers to take caution in order to avoid being causalities. Similarly, the company allows the workers to provide information on the different status of the mines and by the use of signs and symbols because communicating in mines sometimes is a challenge.

As observed from the case a study of the three companies, there is a need to identify communication barriers in order manage planning and decision making in an amicable manner (Rolinson, 2008). Communication should be an aspect that should be embraced by both the employees and the management of every company. To ensure that communication is effective, integrity and honesty should be exercised. This is the only way to foster trust in an organization. Caring for the needs of the other employees and the managerial team starts with equipping oneself with communication skills (Joanne Liou, 2014). This knowledge helps in the overcoming of the different barriers that exist in communication. It is definite that even the illiterate, the indecent and those that lack integrity will learn from the way other honesty and good leaders within an organization handle themselves as well as the other people. People do not need to hail from the same cultural, nation or region in order to understand each other when communicating.

In essence, the use of the right body language, universally acceptable languages and promptness in replying to the requests...

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