Ali Saeed: Apples Financial Manager in New York City Retail Area

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Apple Inc. is a multinational company that constitutes of several managers at every level. Concisely, the core managerial responsibility is to ensure that every member of a particular department performs as required by the company. Notably, each manager is labeled as either a top-level, first-level, or mid-level manager. Consequently, due to his position as the financial manager in Apples New York retail area Ali Saeed holds the mid-level managers position within this firm. As a result, his position requires him to deliver on myriads of responsibilities and expectations. Therefore, in this study, Ali Saeeds core duties will be defined considering his management level at Apple, the organizational culture of this company, and the effectivity of this kind of environment.

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Ali Saeed currently holds the position of a financial manager at Apples retail area in New York. His ability to take on such position greatly attributes to the extensive financial skills he has acquired from experience at various jobs including Barnes & Noble Co. Saaed also has a degree in Actuarial Science from the University of Minnesota, where he gained a degree in marketing, economics, finance, accounting, and mathematics (LinkedIn 1). With his position, Saeed is expected to deliver on several responsibilities that mostly involve financial issues, especially those affecting the New York retail area. In his position Saaed ensures to coordinate and manage all financial programs across every major market within Florida and the Northeast areas. In addition, as a financial manager Saaed works in close collaboration with other development managers in developing particular objectives encompassing finance issues, marketing, and training the involved staff members. Besides, Saaed actively participates in training employees in various retail stores and taking briefs from the target clients. He also ensures to forecast on the financial status of the markets in New York City, prepare statements, and provide a precise analysis of the cash flow within this retail area (LinkedIn, 1). In addition, Saaed has the responsibility of tracking and measuring the performance of each store in every region within New York area. He is also, expected to identify areas which require improvement in terms of finance while carrying on strategic and operational strategies as required by Apples head office.

Notably, Apple has always operated with a particular culture. In this company excellence, moderate combativeness, innovation, secrecy, and creativity define Apples environment from service delivery to the products offered to the clients (Meyer 1). Significantly, Steve Jobs passion and creativity commenced this culture which has continued to date, thus leading to the remarkable excellence and success within the entire organization. Nevertheless, this culture has resulted to several merits and demerits within Apple. Due to the desperate need for excellence, innovation, and creativity Apples culture have nurtured and grown excellent industrial leaders including Tim Cook. On the other hand, due to an empowered human resource this firm has managed to acquire a substantial competitive advantage over its other competitors. Also, due to a rapidly growing, innovative process, Apple manages to be ahead of other competing companies (Meyer 1). Nonetheless, the organizational culture at Apple suffers from several setbacks. Apparently, due to secrecy and moderate combativeness employees experience rapport limitations. Moreover, worker morale is limited due to the existing reasonable combativeness amongst them. Therefore, significant changes are yet to be seen at Apple due to the existing setbacks resulting from the organizational culture that was started by Steve Jobs.

In essence, the above discussion shows that managerial jobs come with different levels and positions. Ali Saaeds current position at Apple indicates that middle-level managers in the finance department core responsibilities include coordinating, training, and evaluating the financial status of their respective regions. Also, financial managers are expected to work closely with other senior heads towards the long-term goals of the company. Nonetheless, the existing organizational culture at Apple results to several advantages and disadvantages. Concisely, due to this environment, major changes are limited while at the same time Apple has a significant competitive ability and has nurtured excellent leaders.

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