Andy Wilson: Entrepreneurship for the 21st century

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The primary motivation that led Andy Wilson to initiate Boston Duck Tours is that he was working in a corporate world for seven years and was searching for personal satisfaction, pleasure, freedom and independence from the suit-and-tie surroundings of the corporate USA. The everyday life as an employee in an investment bank was slowly becoming unbearable. Eventually, just like other entrepreneur, he was looking for money. Thus, he made a decision to quit his job and take an adventure. It is during this adventure that he was awakened by a Duck Tour taking place outside his hotel. When he went back to Boston he saw an array of trolleys and thats when the idea of Boston Duck Tours came into his mind (Timmons & Spinelli, 2004).

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Kind of entrepreneurial venture for Boston Duck Tours?

Andy Wilson is a good example of a real entrepreneur who uncovered the needs in the market and introduced new businesses to meet the market needs. He is also a risk taker who offers improvement, innovation, and a momentum change in economic world by using a world war amphibious motor vehicle and turned it to a tour van that gave the tourist a historical, educational and an energetic tour to flaunt the land and the rivers in Boston city. Boston Duck Tours can be placed under the category of small firms since it provides a financial reward to its founder Andy Wilson, although it does not have a high phenomenal potential for growth (Timmons & Spinelli, 2004).

Competitive advantage of Boston Duck Tours.

There are several things that offer Boston Duck Tours a competitive advantage over other businesses in the tours venture. First and foremost, Boston duck tour provides its clients an historical, educational and energetic tour to flaunt land and the rivers in Boston city, while its competitors give land tours only. Second, Boston Duck Tours used world war amphibious vans that gave a sense of adventure to the tourists. Third, the Duck drivers and rare committal techniques to attract the tourists was also gave an additional advantage to Boston Duck Tours over their competitors.

Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs does Andy Wilson embody?

Andy Wilson is a good example of an entrepreneur since he presents several entrepreneurial characteristics summarized by Timmons and Spinelli (2004) in their research about desirable behaviours and attitudes of successful entrepreneurs. First, he has determination and commitment for his venture. He did not despair when one government representative told him that building a skyscraper in Boston Public Garden would have better luck than investing in a tours business.

Second, Andy Wilson has great leadership and management skills that allow him to lead his firm, be successful and Boston Duck Tour become a top rated tour company in America. Third, Andy Wilson is a real entrepreneur who saw an opportunity in the market and took advantage of it. For instance, he brought the Duck tour idea to Boston.

Fourth, he is a risk taker because he put in a risk his life savings and his career by putting in $30,000 to bring the concept of Boston Duck Tour to live. Fifth, creativity helped Andy Wilson to use a world war amphibious motor vehicle as a tour van that gave the travellers a lively tour to showcase Boston city. Sixth, he is motivated and goal oriented to excel because, he reached his goal and initiated a Boston duck tour regardless of the challenges he came across.


Timmons, J. A, & Spinelli, S. (2004). New venture creation: Entrepreneurship for the 21st century. 6th ed. Boston, ma: Irwin McGraw-Hill.

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