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Performance appraisals play an imperative role in organizations. As such, they are used to evaluate and manage staff effectively. Additionally, they are essential to developing individuals, improving performance within an organization and help the business in planning. It should be noted that the formal performance appraisals are conducted annually by organizations for its entire staff. In this context, each member of personnel is evaluated and appraised by his or her line manager. Alternatively, the directors within an organization are appraised by the organizations Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who is in turn apprised by the companys owner.

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Objectively, the performance appraisals facilitate the management to monitor and manage the set standards, according to the objectives and expectations (Tuytens & Devos, 2012). On an additional note, the exercise is used by the directorate to map out and establish individuals training needs, thus enabling an enterprise to carry out an analysis and planning of organizational training need. Noticeably, performance appraisal is used to review the performance of each against the outlined standard as per the agreement from the previous meetings. On a similar note, it is indispensable for staff motivation, communicating, behavior development and aligning organizational and individual aims thus fostering a positive relationship with the staff and the management. Therefore, it is an ideal process that is used to provide a recorded, formal and a systematic review of individuals performance and map out plans for future developments both at organizational and individual level.

According to the church appraisal form used to manage the performance and achievement of ministry goals in the church, there is need to have well-trained church managers and a structured process of documenting church employees to appraise their performance. In this case, if it is not conducted properly, the appraisal process can at times be very stressful and contribute to most difficulties within an organization. As such, the available statistics depict that an approximated forty percent of workers were never evaluated. However, the remaining sixty percent employees who were evaluated, the process were conducted poorly (Wong & Laschinger, 2013). For instance, the values of the church may be customer service or teamwork that may be identified to be essential towards measuring the ability of employees to work comfortably with others. Based on the assessment, there existed a gap in job knowledge, teamwork, completion of assigned tasks and set goals as well as attendance. This is because such aspects were the dimensions are specific to churches and readily identifiable globally as essential part of the strategic management and planning process.

On a similar note, there was palpable differences skills and knowledge that was assessed regarding teamwork, communication, customer focus, job knowledge, goal completion, attendance, and punctuality (Dusterhoff et al., 2014). It should be noted that different measurement scales were adopted in this context. The commonly deployed scale was strongly disagreed, agree, dissatisfied and of no importance at all.

Compared to the existing techniques used to measure effectiveness leadership, the church leadership performance appraisal form employed key aspects to achieving efficiency. This is because the appraisal form provided evaluation feedback to church employees, depicting how they performed on various measurement scales. Additionally, it conducted an external audit whereby an external consultation firm was hired to conduct an appraisal assessment of the whole human resource system adopted within the church.

To improve the process of leadership evaluation, the church should consider hiring more than one consulting firm to get accurate results. As such, two different direction and performance appraisal firms should be contracted to carry out independent assessments and after that the results compared with the management.


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