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With the headquarters located in New York, McKinsey & Co is management consulting firm that is privately owned. As of 2015 the company had 20, 500 employees globally. It is said to be the most prestigious firm of its kind. Through its excellent performance, the firm is well known even by people not interested in consulting firms. Not much is known about the way it operates and the list of clients. The company focuses on strategic, organizational, technological and operational issues. The focus is always to come up with what is best for its clients business. The company has a broad scope as it specializes from commodities, world media, natural resources, and entertainment (McKinsey & Co, 2016). As much as the list of clients is not known the firm boasts to be serving almost 80% of the top world corporations and 80 of the 100 modern and largest companies in America. From the overview, it is evident that McKinsey & Co. is a successful, prestigious and well set to ensure a successful career for its employees.

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As seen in McKinsey & Co specializes in strategic, organizational, technological and operational issues in management. One of the unique capabilities that gives the company a competitive advantage is the people that work in the organization. The group seeks to recruit the most qualified and competitive personnel to handle its clients. The employees are not only qualified regarding education but also regarding customer service, general knowledge, travel and foreign languages. Through these special qualities, the employees can interact with people from different regions with ease.

The firm boasts having clients from all over the world. The global impact that the company has gives it a competitive advantage over the rest of the consulting firms. The company operates in different countries making it comfortable in various cultures and, therefore, understands how the global market operates. In its extra activities like CSR, McKinsey has touched many lives in many parts of the world therefore having a positive global impact.

The scale of resources available to the firm is another advantage that McKinsey and Co have over the rest of the consulting firms. Since the company has been in operation for a long time (1926), it has been able to acquire and deal with different clients both locally and abroad acquiring immense wealth that makes it able to recruit the best professional workers and to market their services through many different media. The firm, therefore, has got sufficient resources needed to operate and expand into a new market which eventually increases its revenue. By the mere fact that the organization has 80 of the 100 largest corporations in America as its clients, it shows the power regarding resources that McKinsey and Co have to operate. The company has been able to have a significant impact regarding market share control because it has been in operation for a longer time and has got resources available to help it attract more clients and operate in new markets abroad. A customer would, therefore, choose McKinsey and Co over another consulting firm because of the qualified personnel, the customer service, its years of operation, its clientele and because of the share of the market it controls.

As far as I am concerned I would fit into McKinsey and Co because of my superb communication skills and self-control. The personnel at McKinsey and Co are excellent at dealing with their clients. Communication skills are critical when it comes to dealing with different clients which make it possible for both parties to understand each other (Ober & Newman, 2013). Furthermore, I have excellent work ethics, and I understand what I am required to do at a particular time and place. Self-control is also significant when dealing with clients and I possess the quality. Working for McKinsey and Co requires a lot of traveling. I love traveling and meeting people from different cultures. Therefore, for this reason, I would fit into the company requirements. As an individual, I always challenge myself to be excellent as much as it can be exhausting it is what the clients at McKinsey and Co expect.

The firm is keen on quality and excellence which can push away potential employees, but I would embrace that because I love excellence and always check on quality. Maintaining the required standard of professionalism is something most organizations insist on. Through my academic qualification, I believe that I would be conversant with what the organization expects of me and would always seek to perform to standards. McKinsey and Co strive to hire MBA students rather than top managers from other firms because they know the passion, ideas and enthusiasm that student bring into an organization. McKinsey and Co are without a doubt the most important consultation to work for in America because of its clientele base, years of operation and quality of service they offer. It is by far the consulting firm I would want to work for shortly.


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