Market Barriers of Entrepreneurs of Personal Training in Saudi Arabia

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Muhammad, A., S. and Basheer, M., A. (2010). Doing business with impudence: A focus on women entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia. African Journal of Business Management. 4 (1), pp. 001-011. Available at

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The research has a purpose of studying the market barriers that entrepreneurs offering personal training business in Saudi Arabia face especially when the personal trainer is female. It is apparent that the primary source of these constraints that the female entrepreneurs face originates from the fact that Saudi Arabia is a society that is culturally sensitive. The rationale backing up the choice of this business issue as a point of research involve the notion that the world has transformed into a more liberal environment while Saudi Arabia has been stagnant culturally for the last few decades. Therefore, this article provides a review of a business article by Basheer Mohammad Al-Ghazali and Muhammad Asad Sadi called Doing Business with Impudence: a Focus on Women Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia so as to seek insight into the issue presented by the research.

According to the authors, the purpose of the study is to investigate the courage that women need to have so as to do business in Saudi Arabia. In the study, the researchers used a total number of three hundred and fifty participants with a variety of methods such as online and drop-off surveys. The results of the research reveal that self-achievement is the primary motivator of women to participate in business in Saudi Arabia. There are very many barriers that these authors identified as the ones preventing women from participating in the business. Some of the barriers include the lack of support from the central government, societal restrictions, absence of the knowledge regarding the market and the fact that the investors have an oligopolistic attitude. The article endeavors to provide a keener understanding of the problems that the women in Saudi Arabia are having and perhaps provide insight on how to handle them adequately.

Using general terms, validity indicates the soundness of research. Narrowing down, validity applies to both the methods as well as the design of the research. In data collection, it implies that the findings of the research are representative of the phenomenon under study. The research that these individuals carried out is valid because of several reasons. One of them is that it uses both qualitative and quantitative means of research. Using mixed method research is much more effective than using a single research approach because it allows the researcher to compare the results of the research with the deductions other scholars. It minimizes the chances of errors arising allowing for data that is very representative. Mixed method research is also useful because it eliminates personal bias. There is no chance for the research to contain elements of personal thoughts.

The reliability of any research describes the degree to which an assessment tool can provide results that are both consistent and stable. The evidence of the research that Asad and Al-Ghazali use in their research comes from both primary and secondary sources. The secondary sources include the scholarly articles that they used in the literature review section. These being scholarly articles, the information deduced from them is highly reliable. The primary source of information involves the survey that they carried out with three hundred and fifty participants. The authors were able to get the prevalent perspective of the Saudi Arabians regarding the issue at hand. The possibility of selection bias is present because there is a question of how they arrived at the three hundred and fifty participants. What criterion did they use? The analysis of the information is logical and proper which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the results of the article are extremely reliable.

The transferability or generalizability of research describes the extent to which qualitative research results can be transferred or generalized to other settings or contexts. The results of the research carried out by Asad Sadi, and Al-Ghazali is not limited to the confines of that particular sector alone. The results can be transferred to studies related to gender studies which are prevalent in this time and age. Also, they are applicable towards the study of traditional restrictions of society. Therefore, it is evident that the article provides valuable insight into some areas of study. Another advantage that this research has is that it points towards future research. Considering the liberalization that technology has brought to many societies, it is without a doubt that the Saudi Arabian society will also fall prey to the globalization effects of technology. On that note, it will facilitate the research on how the Saudi Arabian economy can be liberalized to fit the Saudi Arabian women who are slowly developing themselves.


From the overview regarding the quality of this research article, it is clear that it is a valuable resource to the research that I intend to undertake. Considering that its validity, reliability and generalizability meet the requirements, it can provide information that affects the course of this research. Moreover, it can also be a point of reference as well as a comparison of the research results. The results of this research can be compared to see if the results are depicting the same trend.

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