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It has always been my passion for pursuing nursing as my career since I was little, and I chose to replicate my childhood aspirations at the university. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in the Philippines, my native country. After graduating, I came to the U.S. where I started working closely with the elderly in an assisted living facility in Oregon, before moving to California. Also, I was also a nurse volunteer at Operation Nightwatch, an organization whose objective was helping homeless people. I applied my education and experience, along with my critical thinking skills in the organization, which will be essential in my nursing career.

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As pointed earlier, nursing has been my dream career since I was a child. For instance, when I was six, there was nobody who could watch me after school but my grandmother who always brought me to work at a small hospital where she worked as a cook. I accompanied her as she passed food trays to the patients, and thus, I was used to seeing people suffering from various ailments. I wanted to help, but then, I was just a little kid; however, as I grew older, I realized that I could help if I became a nurse, and therefore, nursing became my dream career.

As such, I chose the BSN program to continue what I had started back in the Philippines. I chose the American University of Health Sciences because it is in line with my values. As it is a Christian-based and minority-serving university, it welcomes students from diverse backgrounds, and thus, being a Pilipino, I feel welcomed in the institution. In addition, the institutions mission clearly stipulates that it strive to offer exceptional quality patient-centred care, an academic environment that promotes diversity, excellence, and supports the personal development, as well as supporting and valuing research, teaching/learning, scholarship, and services. For this reason, I believe that the university will provide a conducive learning environment that promotes critical, intellectual, and analytical thinking abilities, as well as evidence-based knowledge, which is all essential in becoming a competent nurse. Besides, the goals of the institution are based on Christian values, social responsibility, critical thinking, cultural competence, and academic excellence, and thereby, I believe that it will facilitate effective progression of my nursing career by instilling relevant knowledge.

In addition, joining the university will help me fulfill my short-term and long-term goals. My short term goal is passing the Obstetrical and Medical-Surgical subjects, and subsequently get my California Registered Nurse (RN) license. After accomplishing my short term goals, I also hope to work on medical-surgical departments, where I can polish my skills as a nurse. My long-term goals are also inclined towards advancing my nursing career. In fact, I will focus on getting my Masters Degree in Nursing, and particularly, I will specialize in gerontology. I believe the American University of Health Sciences will be a crucial platform for strengthening my career as a nurse and thereby enable me to achieve my short-term and long-term goals. As such, I look forward to joining the institution.

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