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1. Definition of Word Processing Software

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Word processing software is computer-based software used to manipulate text documents such as report, letters, assignments or resumes. With a word processing software gives the user editing tools such as deleting, copying and other various features of formatting. These programs include Microsoft, WordPerfect, and writer (Bangert-Drowns 2013).

2." Benefits"of"word"processing"software"

The benefits of word processing software are

Time saving- one can generate a word document in much higher speed compared to when writing hence taking less time to generate a document.

Clarity- unlike a document produced by handwriting, the fonts of word processing software makes the document to be clear and easy to read.

Word processor also facilitates synchronization where individual from two different locations are able to create a document. This implies that the creators can edit or add content at almost the same time.

A word processor also has a spell checker which enables the user to automatically correct spelling errors.

3." Key"features"of"word"processing"software"


Most word processing software have standard features which in cludes;

File management which gives the user the ability ti create, move, seach file or delete

Font specification which enable the user to choose the preferred type and size of the font.

Cross-references and footnotes which automates placement and numbering of footnotes and facilitates easy cross-referencing.

it also contains graphics which enables the user to illustrate insert graphics into a document. Other word processors enables the user to integrate the illustrations or graphics that are been created using other programs.

It also has footers, headers and page numbering which allows the user to specify the preferred customized footer and header that will be displayed in the document. Once the header or footer is inserted in one page, it will be replicated in all pages.

It also has spell checker that enable the user to automatically correct spelling mistakes.

4." Definition"of"presentation"software"

A presentation software is a software or an application used in creating a sequence of graphics and text that sometimes include video and audio to accompany a public presentation or a speech.

5." Benefits"of"presentation"software"

The benefits of presentation softwares are;

It has a big library oiif custom layout and background templetesPresentation software has features that enables the user to simply for the user to edit the presentation created.

With presentation software, the user can add multimedia with a lot of ease.

The presentations generated by presentation software can be outputted to different formats.

It is a very good application for summarizing the facts.

It can be used to generate a set of handouts which can be be distributed to the audience.

It also allows the presenter to face the audience and face the audience directly by connecting the computer to a projector.

6." Key"features"of"presentation"software".

It has a many prepared templates which the user can simply choose from when creating a presentation

It also contains a large number if designed templates designed by professional which can be purchased cheaply.

It has master slide which enables the user to set the way he or she wants the page to look like such as page number, title and footer.

It also has different layouts which can be used to set the slide to have a different layout.

The program also comes with a myriad selection of transition effects that enables the user to change from one slide to another.



7." Definition"of"spreadsheet"software"

It is a computer application programs that resembles a physical spreadsheets that captures, display and manipulate dat which is arranged in rows and columns.

8." Benefits"of"spreadsheet"software"

It create great chart by allowing the users to realize their potentials through the use of formulas in the cells.

It enables the user to apply conditional formatting using various font type and size, differentiated columns and color shades to portray data.

It has charts such as graphs and pie charts which can be used by an organization to identify and track trends (Voorrips 2012).

Spreadsheet software can be shared online enable the users in different places to view the data.

9." Key"features"of"spreadsheet""software"


The key features of spreadsheet software are data management, data analysis and generation and communication of reports. It enables the user to carry operations concerning the above operations with a lot of ease.

10."Describe" two" commands" in" Microsoft" 2010" from" any" application

CTRL+SHIFT+F6 is a Microsoft 2010 be Microsoft 2010 command for switching a previous window (Hutchinson 2012).

CTRL+W or CTRL+F4 is a command used to close an active Microsoft 2010 window.


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