Why I Want to Study Chemistry Course in Japan - Application Essay

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I want to study in Japan because of the amazing cultures in Japan. Japan has a fascinating culture where the old and young people blend to bring out the best community. Undeniably, Japanese culture is very intriguing and very different from other cultures. After all, how many other countries can claim their birthplace to be both Pikachu and haiku? Studying in Japan will expose me to the Japanese culture and their many years' worth history. The Japanese diversity makes their culture even more attractive. Moreover, studying in Japan is relatively cost effective, and I will be a part of world-class education. The school system in Japan is ultimately one of the best in the world. It offers in-depth research thereby gaining a quality education. At the same time, Japan offers the best education for sciences. Studying chemistry in Japan will enable me to be truly valuable in the job market. It is because the Japanese companies recruit talented foreigners for a more global business. Studying abroad will also provide me with valuable experience with duties and activities that open doors. Also, Japan is significantly advanced in technology. Therefore, the laboratories are substantially equipped thus making studying easier and providing me with excellent knowledge and progress.

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Chemistry is everywhere in the world around us. It is in the air we breathe, the food we eat, water, and the clothes we wear. I want to study chemistry because my future goals lie within this subject. My dream career is in chemistry.It connects various sciences to each other such as physics, biology, and environmental sciences. I want to study chemistry so that I can use that knowledge to develop foods stuff, medicines and other staff. I also want to understand the world around us by exploring the particles in the air and the environment around us. Chemistry is an interesting subject since it will allow me to conduct experiments on how various elements work in different conditions, test how they mix and how they work even the tiniest particle in the air.

The scholarship to study chemistry in Japan is a great opportunity for me because getting such a chance is not easy. It is a dream come true since I have always wanted to undertake a chemistry-related career. Being from Myanmar, a developing country, such opportunities do not come along quickly. Therefore, it is a great pleasure for me since it will enable me to help the people back at home. I will learn how to undertake research on various diseases thus come up with many cures for diseases. I can also be of great help to the local hospitals since I will assist them in treating patients. I can also establish my research laboratory in Myanmar thus bring about developments in my country. The scholarship will also help me to be culturally diverse since Japan has many different cultures thus I can work in various parts of the world and learn how to interact with different people. Since I come from a low-income family, the scholarship will also assist me with the college fees thus my parents do not have to stress about school fees.

I believe I am qualified for the scholarship because of my good grades in school. I want to further my education to achieve my dream of undertaking chemistry as a major. I believe that a scholarship to study chemistry in Japan will be of the great opportunity that will help me even in my future endeavors. It will enable me to enter the competing world with confidence since I will have studied in the best university of sciences in the world.

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