When Is It Ok For an Officer to Take a Gratuity?

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A gratuity is a gift of an item given to another individual purposely on their occupation. It is mostly given to officers for the services that have been rendered to show appreciation. In that context, most of the gratuities that are offered to the police officer can be termed as corruption. The issue of police accepting gratuities has long been a source of contention. Most individual view it as the end of an honest officers career. There are occasions however that the acceptance of the gratuity causes little harm and can have positive benefits if the gesture is from someone sincere like a child.

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It is the intention that allows the gratuity to be accepted or even rejected. The giver and the receiver of the gratuity should be in a position to value the reason behind the appreciation while at the same time seek to avoid the problems that the acceptance of the gratuity might cause. Gratuity provides a platform to build and strengthen a positive social relationship not as a form of corruption, but as an attempt to show kindness. Gratuities are not offered on a regular basis, and if it is so, this cannot be deemed as corruption.

There are different circumstances that police are supposed to take gratuity like when a citizen feels the need to offer a small thing as a free thank you. The free thank you can be a cup of coffee. Gratuity does not indicate that it is a huge favor being given but something small to act as a gesture to show the immense gratefulness offered. A cup of coffee cannot possibly corrupt a police officer given that it is not offered on a daily basis.

A police officer can take a gratuity if the person giving it to him does not offer gratuity just because the individual is a cop. Gratuity should be with intent, and that is gratitude, as long as there is no quid pro quo, it should be considered as a gift. Police are hard working individuals, and they risk their lives to protect the public. As much as that is considered their job, they do deserve some rewards just like any other professionals. Offering items out of kindness whether a discounted meal or free coffee or even small items from a big child heart, it can improve the community relations by enabling a bond between police and stakeholders.

Other professions like doctors are free to receive gratuities, but in most cases, when a police officer is offered one, it is regarded as corruption. A child can also suggest to give out his or her favorite item to a policeman after being taken home safely. As much as this might be refuted, a child gesture cannot be turned down, and it cannot be against the law for a child to express their gratitude. Acknowledging someones good work and rewarding their diligence is not corruption but it is building up a public relation with the society bond together.It is rather outrageous for an individual to think that the whole police department can be bought by a box of doughnuts or pizza, it could be that the individual simply recognizes the police mans effort and is happy that the police officer chooses to walk with the family until they were safe. It would not be prudent to undermine the police integrity in making the decision to take a gratuity from an individual or even a child for his services to them.

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