International Criminal Court

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Although the UN has deployed forces of member countries in areas torn by war, the missions have failed to live up to the expected returns. Instead of maintaining peace, they have escalated the conflict. According to Hultman (2013), the UN peacekeeping missions do more injustice than good in the areas that they are deployed to maintain peace. In this case, the authors argue that sufficient evidence exists to show how inefficient the missions are when they are called upon to maintain peace. They attribute this to the failure by the member countries to give enough numbers of military for the maintenance of peace and security. The best example offered in this case, is the human rights abuses in Congo where the soldiers paid and even raped little girls and women. In this regard, they failed to honor, and respect the rights and freedoms of the people that they were send there to protect. As such, they received retaliation from the local communities because of their failure to respect their women and girls. Another example presented is the AMISOM forces in Somalia. In this regard, the forces have engaged in the illegal business of sugar and charcoal instead of concentrating on the mission that send them there. As such, the UN has failed in its peace and security missions.

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The responsibility of the UN to protect has been examined by Bellamy (2010). The UN has the role of ensuring that the citizens of war torn areas are protected from the excesses of the internal police. The response to genocide as well as other mass atrocities has been the subject of debates for many scholars. This article has focused on the way the notion of the right to protect will be in the next five years. Specifically, the article is focused on the function of the right to protect, the sort of norm it is, and the contribution it has made in the prevention of atrocities and human rights violations. The international responsibilities of the UN have ensured that no actions of human rights violations go without punishment. The indictment of several individuals who were involved in crimes against humanity is a perfect example of how the UN is determined to perform its responsibilities in the maintenance of international peace and security.

There is an element of ambiguity in the peacekeeping missions that the UN missions have been deployed. This ambiguity is related to the person who caters for the cost of the missions expenses since some of the member states of the UN have failed to submit their dues. Additionally, those who make more contributions to the UN and who are the permanent members, have veto powers on where the mission will be sent. According to Lipson (2010), the UN uses a lot funds in all the missions that it sends to different areas every time there is conflict. However, improving the support that is offered to those missions is important in the boost of their morale. This article is important in that, it addresses the methods that the UN can use to ensure efficiency in the peace operations. The quality of the operations is importance for the sake of peace. However, if the UN does not take care of its mission, they will not be able to execute their duties diligently and neither will peace prevail in those areas.

One of the most important problems concerning the maintenance of peace is proliferation of arms and weapons because it is a very effective method to manipulate with civic people, politicians, countries, and even the whole world. According to the Fruchart (2007), arms embargoes may have positive effect in order to reduce tension in the Middle East and any other flash point region. It should be noted that arms embargoes have become one of the most effective and preferred forms of sanctions since the end of the Cold War. A significant role on this issue belongs to the United Nations that has imposed almost 30 embargoes since 1990. Author describes this method as one of the most effective which directly depends on diplomatic skills of the nation-states and executive bodies as arms embargoes is not made for making war, but vice versa. The UN has a special range of sanctions at its disposal with which to force states and non-governmental actors to improve their behavior regarding the interests of international peace and security.

According to Sahar (2012), many analytics and politicians criticize the Security Council for its small and exclusive nature, as well as its working methods for decision-making process and out-of-date structure. Many of them focus the main attention on the power of veto which is belonged to the five permanent members (the USA, Russia, France,...

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