Career Goals and Objectives

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The environment plays a significant role in shaping the lives of people. It denies limits or offers opportunities to the inhabitants depending on how these individuals are adapted to fit into the environment. In particular, it determines the beliefs, ideas, and values that characteristic of certain groups of individuals. In a scenario where it is advantageous, people find it easier to navigate life challenges and also increase the chances of these persons of achieving their life goals and objectives. On the other hand, unfavorable surroundings provoke people to work harder to turn the situation into a friendly environment so as to enable them achieve their aspirations in life. Some may opt out of the environment to enhance the possibilities of better opportunities in life. It is because of some of these life realities that made me move from my native Albania to the US for more opportunities.

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I moved to the United States at the level of freshman junior high school. Although my country offers several academic opportunities, beliefs and pre-conceived notions about certain careers made it difficult to launch a career path in an environment that places a lot of limitations in the way. People believed that some careers were specifically designed to be pursued by an isolated group of people while others thought that my background was not conducive to give the motivation necessary to advance a career in the medical field. In spite of the lack family background in the medical profession, the feeling to assist people who are suffering always remained at the back of my mind. The aspiration was also enhanced because the family lived near a public medical facility, enabling me to interact with patients on a daily basis. In consultation with the parents, I decided to pursue a career in cardiology, with an intention of specializing in biochemistry. The choice of this direction came against stiff opposition from many people, who argued that the course is difficult and requires highly-motivated students. They also discouraged me, saying that a new environment would present many challenges that might make them drop out of school. Furthermore, friends and extended family members the idea, terming it uncommon with communities where we lived. Nonetheless, I moved to the United States to advance a career of my dreams

Another area that I dared challenge is the beliefs and notions that cheerleading is not a career worth pursuing in life. Many people in Albania considered it foreign and offered little financial gain. From my perspective, cheerleading was in agreements with the aspirations of becoming a health professional where I would put a smile on peoples faces. I loved sports but was not good in the same as a participant. So, the option was to lead colleagues in raising the spirits of crowds of students at sports events. As a result, I decided against the beliefs mentioned above to take classes when I moved to America. Afterward, I completed the course and qualified to lead groups at sports competitions. The overall consequence of these actions is that it broke away from the norms and offered an additional opportunity to explore life.

The beliefs and ideas that go with the norms do not determine the future of individuals. Rather, it is the ability of the individual to gather the courage to challenge these beliefs and explore the limitless opportunities nature offers. To break away from these norms, I opted to pursue a career in cardiology, with biochemistry as a specialty. Also, I challenged the existing norms by taking lessons where I qualified to lead cheering groups at sports events. I would take the same if presented with the opportunity to challenge existing beliefs and stereotypes.

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