Using Reading and Writing to Learn In an Environment Rather Than a Classroom

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Reading and writing are a primary skill which is used to define the success or failure of the student academically. There has been a great connection that emerges from reading and writing, and it is not only a dominant force in classrooms. Reading and writing can be used to trigger learning not only in classes but also in other different types of environment. It is not mandatory for one to read and write in the classrooms as it can apply to the other environments too.

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I used to consider that learning would only be enforced in the classrooms only and an enclosed room for concentration and discipline. My view changed when I realized that learning can commence anywhere and at any place provided that reading and writing is applied correctly. The classrooms are a stage that is used to prepare students to move to a more sophisticated level of the learning environment.

When I participated in a workshop that was structured to improve the credibility and the efficiency of my communication skills, I realized that there was more to it outside the classrooms. I was subjected to the attainment of high-older literacy proficiency and the relationship that I got from the reading and writing done in the classrooms proved beyond reasonable doubt that learning can be achieved using reading and writing in places outside the classrooms like the workshops. In the workshops, the activities that prevailed included the fact that one is supposed to read a text independently with at least 96% fluency, accuracy, and good comprehension. The different environment of reading increases the chances of understanding and improves the skills and approach to a particular problem.

Being out of the classrooms like going to the workshop provide an opportunity for the student to experience a different environment and share his or her skills with the other students and learn what he or she didnt know in the first place. Being out of the classrooms enable the student to experience competition and also adapt and learn from other people. Environment releases emotional responses like for example when the student is out in the field learning on different types of species, he or she will find the topic interesting and easy to understand since the environment has changed.

Being in the field will allow him or her to apply the reading skills and writing to interpret the images seen in the field and writing them down for memory. In that context, the different environment is what had triggered the effectiveness of the reading and writing skills, therefore, learning taking place in that particular environment. If writing and reading were not applied, then it would mean that the student cannot be in a position to understand and interpret the environment that surrounds them.

Reading and writing can also be used in the social media environment whereby the student transit the information from what was learned in the classrooms to the network devices and find out more on the topic that relates to what was taught. A student can be able to learn a lot in different environments when they see the labels, signs and other signs of print in their jurisdiction. They become conversant with what they want to understand quickly if they see different things in different displays like the picture, and therefore the interpretation of what they have read and written is more enhanced through pictures and moving to different environments and engaging in various practices thus learning.

The narration is important as it allows one to understand the effectiveness of reading and writing as well as the impact it has when exposed to different environments like workshops, field and when used in various networks and social media. The significant of the topic and the details is to ensure that learning is done in a variety of ways and that it is appreciated in divergent approaches. Different environments provide different knowledge like using the signs, labels and pictures to learn what was written and what was read in classrooms. Students become aware of different ways to learn and how to interpret print materials into oral and understand the information from the notes to the devices like laptops.

As students learn how to read and write, they also have to learn in different environments rather than the classrooms. In so doing, the children will be able to develop a pattern that will be useful in enabling their understanding of different concepts. It is essential that student should learn the basics, but it is also more important if different approaches are also borrowed to enhance efficiency. Learning to read and write must be applied in various dimensions, and that include the application of other aspects which are likely to make learning better and enjoyable. Learning entails the basics things like reading instructions in a language that one consider to be competent. Learning incorporate reading and writing and it can be reinforced by increasing concentration of the students. The concentration can only be enhanced by subjecting the mind to different sceneries, and that include different environments.

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