What Can Google Do to Protect Peoples Privacy?

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Google is a technology company that was founded in 1998; their main product is the Google Search. The search portal avails the user a list of information relating to the searches being made; this includes news, images, article sections, videos and other relevant information relating to an individual search. The information available on the Google search engine is publicly available, and it can be accessed by anyone at any given time. What is warry about the search is that personal information and data that an individual deems to be private are displayed on a publicly accessible platform? This renders an individuals privacy at risk as the intents of an individuals search is always unknown. The vulnerability to fraud, cyber bullying, bugler and even threat to life are possible case scenarios that can occur if the wrong people have your information. This calls for a need of a users privacy policy; a user should be able to be in control of the information about them that is made publicly available.

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Google collects personal information like name, email, address, telephone number and in other cases credit card number. In the process, Google collects a user device information, the location of information, a log of user activity, cookies, and local storage information. All the data made available can be protected via updating user Google activity control, viewing and editing user information, control to whom the user can share the information with, choice of whether your personal user information should be shared publicly or remain private. Users privacy policy is shared on a cross-platform basis on all affiliates of Google for instance YouTube.

Government intervention for the privacy of user information is highly critical on how businesses should use and even share their user information. In a bid to avoid mismanagement of user data, the government comes in as a control measure in business behavior and information use. Through the enactment of privacy policies and business regulatory policies, the government has been able to offer protection to its citizens in relations to how businesses use their personal information. Google, for instance, has its own Privacy Policy program, but they also abide by the European Union-US Privacy Shield Framework. Legal complains launched by clients are processed through by appropriate regulatory authorities and the local data protection authorities that are set up in more than 40 countries worldwide. Google can protect users from fraudulent activities through allowing users to set their privacy settings, alerting users of any unauthorized access to their personal information and offering assistance in finding the perpetrator of the said privacy intrusion.

Government-Business Relations

The government for a longtime have created conditions for doing business in a country. Governments offer an ample environment for business to compete in the modern day economy. Significantly governments have come in the way of saving the business from collapsing; this is in lieu of balancing the economy and saving an individual from losing their jobs. The government holds power to regulate the entry or exit of any business within its jurisdiction. All business across the globe whether national or international must abide by the national government policies and regulation.

Business and the government relate in a dynamic and complex nature. Getting a clear understanding of this symbiotic relationship can help business leaders to strategize and eventually achieve their organizational goals. The government and businesses seek a collaborative partnership that will propel the growth of the economy and living standards of the society. Governments come in through the creation of a hospitable environment for businesses to operate from, for instance, ease of business registration and licensing of business operations.

Government intervention in the case of a free market and the private sector is usually taken in with mixed agendas. Some business would encourage government intervention, for instance, a market that is monopolized by a large corporation hence hindering market accessibility for smaller businesses. The government comes in to create a fair play environment for all hence allowing a growth intensive business culture. In other situations, government intervention can lead to strenuous and high bureaucratically procedures of conducting operations. Other government regulations and policies hurt businesses operating in certain sectors. The government has the ability to make business operations harder or smoother. This mandate can only be exercised by a ruling government with a national constitution and the legal frameworks of enacting regulatory policies.

Business have the power of controlling the activity of the government. In the case of a leadership that is considered to be taken up either through rigging or coupe, businesses can decide to shut down and close operations in the country. A lack of commodities from industries destroys the economy of the country. This power can only be exercised if the business works in line with the demands of the citizens at heart. Public policy roles of the government in infrastructural development that is; roads, rail, electricity, water and sewerage systems all brought together helps businesses to have a stable ground of conducting their operations and serving the customers better.

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