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Noting the danger posed by terrorist groups such as ISIS in the modern technological age it is important to establish legal avenues to implement censorship on ISIS media outlets with the aim of reducing the continued terror group glorification and publicity (Weimann 2016). ISIS uses media outlets to create fear by airing coverage of their brutal plunder and murder (Galily et al. 2016). Establishing a worldwide censorship of the group media outlets will help reduce the group publicity and ability to appeal to more sympathizers (Miladi 2016).

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Stressing on the importance of a censorship of all worldwide ISIS media outlets the United Nations should establish legal measures that can be used to implement this measure and also the punishment of countries that do not follow the United Nations directive (Bieda and Halawi 2015). It has been confirmed that ISIS uses social media to showcase its murders and also videos that extremist group leaders seek young people to join the group on the misled belief that they are doing so for religious reasons (Iosifidis and Wheeler 2016).

It should also be taken into account that the legalization of censorship of ISIS media can also be used by some governments to deny the common media outlets the chance to offer new to the people (Solera 2017). The United nation is deeply conscious of the danger of media censorship because it can deny people the freedom of speech and communication (Schneider 2015). The United Nations Committee is alarmed by the growing prejudice against Muslims in the wake of the attacks in France which has claimed dozens of innocent lives (Greenberg 2016). Censoring of ISIS media outlets will deny the group ability to benefit from such heinous act of cowardice which gives the group more publicity and glorification (Kollar 2014).

The United Nations Security Council should seek avenues through which legal frameworks can be established to implement a censorship of all ISIS sympathetic media outlets (Weimann 2015). Media outlets are an important source of information for the people and censorship can result in public outrage as it can be viewed as an avenue to limit the media freedom (Tsesis 2017).


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