Wal-Mart's Management of the Business

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Wal-Mart is considered as one of the greatest businesses in the entire globe. The business has several branches in almost all the states in the world. Most important is that the firm is loved and hated with equal measure. However, very sharp criticism has been observed for quite a long time on the moral nature of this enterprise. Despite the objections, Wal-Mart enjoys certain ethical costs and excellent benefits as discussed in this paper.

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The most important moral costs enjoyed by Wal-Mart include the low standards offered to workers and the capitalization on the businesses large impact. Wal-Mart focuses on ensuring that the large impact is felt in matters related to the cost of production and during the wholesale selling. The management of the business focusses on reducing the cost of production per unit, and this has a great impact on the overall cost of production. The company also reduces its suppliers of retail goods to keep ensure the wholesale prices are always very low. This is logical in that whenever the buyers at the retail level are reduced, the competition for the goods is also reduced resulting in lower pricing.

The other ethical cost relished by Wal-Mart is their ability to offer low standards to their workers. The company is capable of doing this due to its nature of being secretive especially with regards to the amount of many the employees are paid as their wages. The entire world is kept in the darkness. However, revelation by individual employees reveals that they live impoverished lives. The employees are seen to be operating all the time even when they should be resting or having a pleasurable moment. Despite the hard work, their lives are still miserable.

One of the most significant ethical benefits that spearhead the success of Wal-Mart is the fact that there is a provision for all their business associates to abide by all the local and national laws and regulations. The suppliers are the most hit by this requirement since they must act by the demands for the health protection of the consumers. They are also mandated to put forth a measure for controlling air and water pollutants. Latest programs by the company include a proper guideline on the health and safety of livestock. Clearly, Wal-Mart has great dedication in ensuring the well-being of people, and this gives the company. Y ethical benefit against its competitors.

It is not a surprise that there is conflicting information about Wal-Mart and it becomes difficult to make a choice of whether of the stand to take amidst all these tantrums of information about one firm. While making such a decision would seem a bit confusing, there is a few heads up that would be useful in coming up with an informed decision. The first step to such a decision is to look at the effects of Wal-Mart on other businesses after its establishment in particular areas. One should ask themselves whether it will promote growth or death of the small businesses. Most important, however, is to check the impact it will have on the life status of the local communities.

I would advise anyone to think negatively about Wal-Mart because it uses children and foreigners as part of its labor team. By doing this, the company blocks Americans from earning a living from the enterprise. What kind of business is this who would the local consumers suffers? Why would someone give positive thoughts about such a firm? The worst part is the fact that the Corporation depends on foreigners and children because they would not dare raise their voices against the mistreatment of little pay and the poor working condition. In fact, this is the most inhumane strategy I have ever seen heard in my life.

Advising my friend I would show him or her about the uncaring nature of this corporation. Any company of the size of Wal-Mart would be expected to give particular attention to the pregnant ladies. Sadly, Wal-Mart gives the women small payment and has no special treatment for the girls. How sad is this scenario?

On the other hand, the other legal benefit enjoyed by Wal-Mart is its generous nature. The company is voted by the Forbes Magazine as one of the most charitable in the United States. This adds the trust that people have in the company together with creating a good image of the enterprise. This is one of the weapons used by the association to put down their critics who wish and pray for their downfall.

In conclusion, Wal-Mart is considered as one of the largest corporation because of its expansive size. The expectations of everyone is that such an establishment would give special or rather fair treatment to its employees. Moreover, the company has a duty to the environment and should be actively involved in community development programs. Interestingly these do not happen since the primary focus of Wal-Mart is profit creation at the expense of anything else.

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