Planning to Open a Restaurant

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The restaurant will be an eating establishment that serves the local demand for healthy, nutritious, and fast food. The focus will be on serving meals that are readily available (quick to serve), delicious, and healthy foods that provide nutritional benefits for a healthy lifestyle. The restaurant will specialize in a recipe of fast hot or cold sandwiches and salads in addition to specific recipes focusing on customers preference. Based on this special menu, the restaurant will develop a differentiation strategy to offer unique, or hard to find healthy fast food choices to the local town. The restaurant will serve breakfast and lunch menu consisting of healthy cold cuts, fruit juices, and prepared take-away meals. The breakfast menu will comprise of omelets, eggs, toast, milk, coffee, and tea. Take-home meal will include the lunch entrees packaged following customers order. The breakfast and lunch entrees can be readymade, or prepared in less than five minutes to ensure quick service and high level of customer satisfaction.

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Ways to Exceed Customers Expectations

1. Healthy food

Most of the local fast food restaurant do not provide for healthy fast food. The restaurant will fill that void by serving the customers with fast food which is healthy for them and their families. The restaurant will exceed customers expectation by developing a unique, innovative, healthy menu that will differentiate us from our competitors

2. Price Structure

The restaurant will be structured to present healthy fast food at reasonable prices. It will strive to keep the affordable menu at reasonable levels to entice the largest share possible of the local fast food market. With affordable prices and reasonably quick service, our customer will be in and out in minutes; attracting customers who like to have a family meal, but are limited rather by time.

3. Exceptional service

The goal of each of the restaurant employee will be customer satisfaction, achieved through the unique delivery of service with a policy of the customer is the king. In todays society customers, service is often a critical element in the success of a food business. The restaurant will structure its business to offer the best service possible in a mixture of the traditional and western outlook to give the customers a feeling of being a member of our family.

4. Target all market segments

The restaurant will target all age group and income levels of customers. Our culture will be to satisfy each and every customer with our fast and healthy food. Our target customers will include lunchtime crowds, working time-poor individuals and families in need of a take-out food for a family dinner. 5. Sales Strategy

Every customer who comes to the restaurant has to want to come back. The restaurant will create sales strategies to retain our customers such as discount cards, regularly updating the menu with customers preferences and special menu days. We will keep accurate track of the types of fast, healthy food that sell well by creating a program of customer feedback. The information will help to align our special menu to match the local area tastes and entice more people to eat fast healthy food at our restaurant.

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