The Role of the Director of Security and General Manager in Hotel

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1. Define and discuss the role of the director of security in maintaining hotel security

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Hotel security makes sure that the customers belongings are safe and also that the customers are safe in the hotel premises. Among the many individuals who regularly travel worldwide, hotel security has been considered as a very important aspect when one is selecting a place to stay. Whether an individual is travelling for leisure or for business, they want to ensure that their property is safe. For this reason, the directors of security in many hotels have decided to install in-room safes. This is to ensure that the guests have a place to store their valuable property like the laptops and passports. The safes are also important as they provide the customers with a peace of mind when leaving their property in the hotel premises (Stutts and Wortman, 2006).

The role of the director of security is to ensure that the hotel is safe and secure for guests since most of the hotels are vulnerable to both external and internal security threats. The director security therefore has a great role of ensuring that emergency management systems are in place to solve any security threats. Emergency control ensures that risks are avoided and the hazards are dealt with in the hotels (Stutts and Wortman, 2006). Director security work side by side with all the stakeholders of the hotel to save and protect the lives of the guests before, during and after a life threatening event has occurred in the hotel. Therefore, director security has the major role of ensuring that catastrophic events are minimized by planning effectively.

The director security should ensure that a direct communication system is deployed to respond to security threats in the hotels. Also, the director security has the mandate of ensuring that screening of all individuals is done at the entrance. This is important as it ensures that no person enters the hotel with objects and property that can be used to harm others. Finally, the director security has a major role of overseeing all the operations of the hotel and attend to any crisis that may arise in the firm as soon as possible when the need arises. In short, the director security has the role of supervising the daily operations of the hotel and distributing the security reports to the relevant managers. The security director is also required to keep the general manager conversant with any security concerns in the hotel (Stutts and Wortman, 2006). This is to say that he or she should be well trained and prepared enough to handle any security threats and ensuring that the hotel is kept as safe as possible.

2. A guest has just slipped on wet tile in the lobby, and fallen and hit her head, surrounded by other patrons. She appears to be just shaken up, but she is bleeding slightly from a cut on her forehead. Describe in detail the steps you would take to handle this situation

The hotel is a field under hospitality and therefore it entails that the director security should understand how to communicate effectively with the guests when faced with any challenge including accidents. For the guest who slips in the hotel and bleeds due to a cut, as the director security I will be required to first ensure that no serious injuries have occurred against the guest. This can entail interviewing the guest to determine that she is in a good condition that does not require emergency medical attention. As the director security, I will then be required to apologize to the customer and assure her that such encounter will not happen again to her. Director security will then be required to offer first aid services to the customer to prevent further bleeding of the blood. After first aid, I will then send the guest to the hotels medical officers who will be required to conduct medical checkups. The relevant personnel will be called to solve the condition of the floor by ensuring that it is dry and fit for all people to use without injuring them. Since this is a minor accident, customers and employees will not be evacuated from the scene, but rather the cleaners and relevant authorities will be required to solve the situation by amending the floor as necessary as possible.

Chapter 9

1.Describe in detail the short, intermediate and long term demands on a general manager's time

The short-term demands of the general manager are to monitor the day-day maneuvers of the hotel and ensure that quality services are provided to the clients at the lowest costs. Since day-day operations of the hotel are varied, the major short term role of the General Manager is to monitor and disseminate information on how effectively the hotel should be managed. The short term roles may include regulating the cost of operation, ensuring good quality services, budget control among many other roles (Stutts and Wortman, 2006). Intermediate roles of the GM are to respond to any external changes in the hotel as well as ensuring that the employees are equipped with adequate skills. The long term roles encompass major decision, especially about capital expenditure. These decisions are important as they help in sustaining the hotel in the hospitality market.

2.Discuss the differences in the time demands of a general manager between a full service large hotel and a small limited-service hotel

The short term roles of the GM of a small-limited service hotel are different from the GM of a full-service hotel such that in the former the liabilities are not manifested appropriately. In the small limited-service hotel, the GM is responsible in monitoring all the employees at the ground level while in the full-service hotel all the departmental heads are required to report the operations of the firm to the GM (Stutts and Wortman, 2006).


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