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Transportation and Accommodation

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Four airlines are flying direct from New York City to Mexico City Juarez International. The most popular airline currently is Aeromexico. Its average flight time from New York to Mexico City Juarez International is 4h 45 min. The airline charges $511 round trip flight price from New York to Mexico City Juarez International. However, there are cheap airlines such as JetBlue which the cost of round trip is $374.

Mexico offers visitors a broad network of transport systems both public and private. The City covers a big territory and sometimes domestic flights are the most convenient way to get around. Also, the country has been investing greatly in road infrastructure. Consequently, there is increased national bus networks managed professionally. There are first class buses. Moreover, getting around Mexico by cab is moderately inexpensive. They are either charged by zones or metered. Besides, visitors can choose rail metro which connects most major areas of Mexico City together.

There are two lodging options in Mexico City, Centro Historico and Polanco. Alteza Polanco is the best choice. The hotel being a ways away from the rest of the city, it is reasonable to walk to Chapultepec Park, Antho Museums, and the Castillo. It charges $140 compared to Hyatt $300 a day. The best and cheaper lodging in Oaxaca is Palacio Bourgeze near Contrary Art Museum charging $64 a night.

Cultural activities

There are various cultural activities in Mexico. Firstly, the group can engage themselves in Mexican art and literature. Mexican folk art is associated with items such as clay pottery, rugs, and colorful baskets. The country is associated with Mariachi style of fork music which originated in the south part of Jalisco in the 19th century. Secondly, the group can visit National Museum of Anthropology. It is the largest museum and the most visited in Mexico. It contains important anthropological artifacts and archeological from the pre-Columbian heritage such as Aztec Xochipilli. The price of 4-hour tour in the museum is $10 per person. Thirdly, the group can attend theater night at the Teatro Alcala which was built during the reign of Portifirio Diaz. It was designed in French style and often has theatrical events and concerts. Tickets are sold at $15. Lastly, visitors can visit Guanajuanto which is a colonial town nuzzled in the mountains of the Sierra de Guanajuato. The city became developed during the 16th century mining boom. Visitors marvel at the colorful streets with stunning haciendas.


The Mexican food has fresh lightness from the usage of fresh herbs and vegetables and a depth flavor from the combination of earthy and savoury flavors. Mexican diet consists of corn, peppers, beans, tomatoes, squash, herbs, and sweet potatoes. There are several popular Mexican foods. One of the popular foods is Pico de gallo which is prepared by mixing sliced cilantro, onion, peppers, and tomato. Another popular food is Enchilads which are draped tortilla rolls, filled with chicken, beans, beef, or seafood, with a chili sauce spread on top. However, if you are traveling to Mexico City at certain times of the year, there is a chance to try holiday treats. For example, the Day of the Dead is celebrated on November; Mexicans prepare Pan de Muertos, round sweet bread topped with sesame seeds or sugar. Mexican meals range $4 to $10. On average, daily food budget is $20. For instance, ceviche, which is a mix of fresh sea food cured in citrus juice and spiced with chili peppers and garlic costs between $4- $9.

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