Vacation in Monterey, California

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A visit to Monterey, California is one that will obviously go down my history books. It is an ideal place that I would recommend to any person any day. The experience that I got when I visited the place last summer was just incredible. A place knows no boundaries when it gets to luxury and entertainment. During the summer vacation, I had some activities in Monterey including lying on the beach, swimming, surfing, golfing, visiting the art galleries, sightseeing and even taking romantic walks. I enjoyed these activities at my disposal without any much traffic.

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Secret Gardens

It is a fact that Monterey County has some of the exemplary spaces. In this area, several hidden gems and secret gardens exist that scattered and very beautiful though most of them are not known. While touring this region, I came across some of them, and they included Loma Vista garden that was quite welcoming down Highway 1. The garden has an outstanding garden space with more eye-catching features that include the Altar and Big Sur Garden Gallery. The garden is strategically placed with a bakery that serves to provide an ideal spot to stop and have some quick snack. The other good garden is the Cooper Molera Adobe that forms part of the California State Parks and nearly has a space of nearly two acres for visitors exploration. The garden from my view gives an idea of the farming and gardening methods in Monterey. The gardens are lovely and offer a place for relaxation and also have picnic tables for guests to sit and enjoy the gorgeous scenery that houses the hustle and bustle in the downtown Monterey.

My vacation would not end without the view of the Carmel Secret Garden that is by sea. While going about my businesses, I stumbled across the alleyways and the courtyards, which are positioned throughout the quaint town. I came across the tranquil secret garden passageway that is situated just between 5th and 6th Dolores. This modest alleyway led to a small garden that is home to quite several plants and arts that are arranged around the garden sculptures and some beautiful fountains. Additionally, I realized that the area is home to a bookstore that contains several collections of music, candles, and even knickknacks.


Proper vacation in Monterey would not just proceed without me bumping into some eateries and enjoying the locally prepared foodstuffs. I headed to the Wharf Marketplace where I got different foodstuffs including fresh bagels and croissants. This was a just perfect way to start my day. Being at the Wharf Marketplace reminded of a similar experience that I had in Ferry Plaza, San Francisco, something that I believe could be a source of inspiration for this case. Some of the foodstuffs that I enjoyed included real Monterey Jack cheese, bacon, wine and seasonal produce.

Later in the day, I spent quite some time at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which I found to be a very good place than I had earlier thought. I would then proceed at Cindys Waterfront where I enjoyed late lunch in the aquarium for a meal that was made from seasonal produce and sustainable seafood. I realized that for one to enjoy a clean and fresh style of food, then Chef Cindy was just the best. Her prowess in the sector left me yearning for more as he injected fresh style into some fish and chips delicacy that I enjoyed utmost. Worth going for more and salivating for was the adult grilled cheese with local truffle tremor cheese made in the Waterfront.

Nonetheless, I seemed to have enjoyed the fritto misto with fried Monterey Bay calamari and local baby artichokes. The restaurant is located strategically such that as I took my meals, I enjoyed the expansive ocean view. On the third day of hiking, I would sit down to enjoy the flame-grilled burger from Napenthe and glass of pinot noir that made my lunch just awesome.


Visiting Monterey without experiencing the different and expansive sporting facilities is such just a joke. My second day on vacation, I was outdoors to enjoy all kinds of games and for sure, Monterey does not disappoint. Given that I had some time, and I am good in golfing, I booked a tee time at the Pebble Beach golf. Nothing was short than the Tiger Woods experience in this place. The third day, I chose to do some hiking and for sure, I was not disappointed. I had more than a 17-mile drive. I hiked in different places including coves, scuba dive and would later spot wildlife in this place including the whale that is occasionally in this place. After being worn out from the hiking experience, I would end the day by having pebble massage. What an awesome way to enjoy a vacation. The breathtaking features of this place make me yearn to have a tour once again.

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