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It is early Monday morning. The day is chilly, or so I think. I roll underneath my sheets with no plans for the day, at least at this particular point in time. How good is it to be finally through with high school? It's such a great feeling. It feels good to know that the early cold mornings and the short, sometimes sleepless nights are gone. Nonetheless, I decide to get out of bed and make myself a hot cup of tea. No one is home except me and my pet, Mandy. Singing my way to the kitchen, I pass by the living room and can't help but to notice a letter lying on my favorite couch. With my undoubted curiosity, I swiftly reach for it only to notice that it is an envelope containing a ticket and a short message from my dad. I can't help but scream a sharp piercing scream that makes my cat run for safety. I have just won myself the best gift ever, a ticket to a destination of my choice from my dad. He is the best! At least now, my excursion to Fuerteventura is an airplane away from becoming a reality.

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This has always been my dream, to visit Fuerteventura and get to experience the unwavering feeling of stepping in the Canary Islands. Plans are quickly lining up as if in competition in my mind. But first things first, at least when it comes to sailing in the glass bottom boats, the other plans can follow after that. I can't wait to take a long walk along the island's beautiful coastline enjoying the breeze that somehow agrees with the tides to create tantalizing scenery! I can't help but imagine how enjoyable and fun it will be to have traditional seafood on board as I enjoy the breathtaking view of the beautiful flora and fauna seen directly through the glass bottom of the boat. I love nature, and all that constitutes it which sparks my desire to visit the Lobos nature reserve and get to explore what nature has to offer. From Lobos, I plan to visit Playa de Papagayo crossing through the straits to go snorkeling, swimming, and enjoying the sun, an experience different from the one at home. I intend to visit the port of Playa Blanca just to enjoy the hospitality of the resort located south of the Island. Shopping for the necklaces and other ornaments made from sea shells, has to be on that list for my excursion to be complete. On my return journey, the Lobos Island would be a great place to stop over again just to see if I could get a chance to spot the ever beautiful dolphins. Relaxing on the beach before embarking on my journey back home will certainly be a good ending point of my short yet exciting excursion.

As thoughts of the plans, I had for the excursion become clearer, a loud bang from outside snatches the moment away from me. Why does it have to end before it starts? I ask myself. It is at this point that I realize how passionate I am about nature. I hope it's not too late to make nature a part of me as I am a part of it. My thoughts of exploring nature have just sparked a desire in me, a desire to join college and pursue a career in environmental studies.

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