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The particular study I shall focus on international terrorism. International terrorism refers to any act of terror that is carried out in a given nation or a foreign nation by terrorist individuals who are not citizens or natives of the victim country. Moreover, it encompasses terror acts perpetrated in a country by persons from the same nations but with links with international terror groups such as Qaida. It is significant to note that some of the international terror groups include al-Qaeda, ISIS, Daesh among others. These groups have cells across the globe thus attracting large membership, especially among the youth.

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International terrorism is a global concern that has becomes security issues of almost each country across the world. The issues gained a lot of attention and momentum after the September 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Organisation in the United States of America. Moreover, the current century is witnessing the proliferation of terror groups and their cells in almost each country. Indeed, international terrorism is both a political, economic and social issue in the world today since its effects impact negatively in each fabric of the community.

As far as this topic is, concerned Canada cannot be left out. The above is based on the idea that Canada an actor in the international arena be it politically, socially and economically like any other nations in the globe thus affected either directly or indirectly by international terrorism. Moreover, according to the ministerial report of 2016, Canada is not immune to international terrorism. In fact, in 2014 the country registered terror attacks perpetrated by al-Qaida in Ottawa and Saint Jean Richelieu. Moreover, the events on August 10, 2016, in Ontario, reveals that there is a threat of individuals who are being radicalized from international terrorism in Canada. Additionally, reports in the country show that there are Canadian citizens who are inspired to carry out terror attacks.

Moreover, it is feared that other Canadians are travelling abroad to join terror groups and conduct terror attacks. The situation is very wanting since the number of these individuals has increased from 130 in the year 2014 to 180 in 2016. It is reported that many of these go to three major nations, which include Turkey, Syria and Iraq. In addition, several incidents have been reported in Canada where police have arrested individuals either linked to or suspected to have links with al-Qaida. Such arrests include those made in 2006, 2013 and 2014. International terrorism is a concern in Canada as per this century. Canada remains a direct threat by terror groups such as Al-Qaida, ISIS and Daesh. Additionally, outside Canada, there are several incidents of Canadian citizens being killed or assimilated by terrorists. Such include events in Burkina Faso where two Canadians were killed, Indonesia and more recently in the Philippines.

Accordingly, given the above discussion is, therefore, apparent that Canada like any other country in that globe is not immune to terrorism especially in this era of globalization. The events in the country reveal that Canada is already a victim of international terrorism. Accordingly, these triggers the demand for an in-depth study to examine the very fabric of international terrorism in the country.

The study will be guided by the questions below.

What are the causes of international terrorism in Canada?

What is the role of international terrorism in domestic politics in Canada?

What methods can be sued to address international terrorism in Canada?

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