The Phantom of the Opera, The Emperor of the Moon and The Present - Show Response Paper

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The Phantom of the Opera is one of the best shows that I have ever enjoyed watching. The costumes used by the actors were stunning; the gothic designs worn by actors manifest professionalism. Sound effects were amazing. A glorious opera blared out their breathtaking voices, and one could wish to listen to the music forever. The opera was characterized by descending chords at the start of the opera to the final reprise. The sound effects make watching the opera more interesting. The production deserves a standing ovation for coordinating all elements of the play. The director of The Phantom of the Opera also exhibited high levels of professionalism. Only a self-righteous person would allow the bustle of pre-opening publicity of the show interfere with his or her enjoyment of The Phantom of the Opera. Watching The Phantom of the Opera was fun, and I felt showered with a high level of fantasy. However, the lighting effects are not that effective as would have been expected for a play on Broadway. I expected the chandelier to plummet, but instead, it gently waffled down. A velvety lighting would have been appropriate for the show.

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The Present was interesting to watch. It revealed how difficult it is for most women to accept that they have attained forty years of age. Apparently, women want to remind young, all the days of their lives. Anna, the protagonist of the play, does commendable job acting; she exemplifies remarkable acting skills. On a certain instance, Anna can be seen dancing enthusiastically to pop music, despite the fact that she has just turned forty years of age. The fact that Anna drinks alcohol and the same time she has a gun makes the play more captivating to watch. The exemplary skills that Anna displays make her a center of attention to the audience. Anna is in command of the stage, and her character switches from being bored and docile to being animated and a party queen. Mikhail exhibits exemplary acting skills as he gets drunker and more attracted to Anna. Mikhail wants Anna to consummate the love that he has for her. Later in the play, Mikhail and Anna appear perfect for each other in the manner in which they complement each other by being both intellectually and playfully match to each other. There are lovelorn characters in the play that yearn for the love of Anna and Mikhail, making the play more interesting. The lovelorn characters continue to profess the love that they have for Anna and Mikhail. The summer house in the play (Annas house) is perfectly designed. Given that the characters in the play are busy drinking alcohol as they utter explosive words; this makes the play more interesting to watch. The designer of the summer house makes an exemplary job. The directing aspect of the play is one of a kind. The director proves that he has good directing skills by keeping characters in the play fully engaging one another. All the actors of the play are kept in a sort of an orbit by the director ensuring that they fully interact with one another. Costumes are perfectly designed; female characters have longer skirts, perfect to depict how Russian women in early 20th century dressed.

The Emperor of the Moon is a play worthy to watch. The characters in the play display exemplary acting skills. Scaramouch and Harlequin complement each other with their dancing skills. Scaramouch and Harlequin facial expressions bring out their characters clearly, making the play worthy to watch. The acting skills displayed by Scaramouch and Harlequin prove that they are good performers. The characters are full of energy as shown by the way in which they argue with each other and animatedly deal with conflict from one scene to another. Costumes in the play are very colorful and complement the actors acting skills. The costumes gave the characters an opportunity to display many stints of craziness. Sound effects of the play are outstanding. Emma Aryes music was played and the characters made spirited dancing moves when dancing to the music. Apparently, the characters in the play were well choreographed based on how they danced perfectly to Emma Aryes music. Directing of the play is full of energy ensuring good fusion and transition from moments of mistaken identities, moments of imagined betrayals and moments of overcrowded subterfuges.

In Grease' elements of costume, sound and acting skills are properly manifested. Acting skills showcased by the actors are phenomenal; the actors are highly entertaining. The dialogue that the actors use can easily be comprehended. The actors are friendly with each other as shown by the banter that they display when they interact with each other. Facial expression is appropriately and astutely brought out by the characters in the play. The play is emphatic on music and comedy. Costumes worn by the actors are full of color. Dresses that are used by characters in the play are eccentric. The dancing and singing that are displayed by the actors are odd at the beginning of the play. The chorus that is sung during the play is a bit wobbly. The directing of the play is full of daffiness.

Blue man group is a theater group that was started by three college friends. The three friends decided that they would start a theater group with an intention of creating their path in life. Blue man is a character that was developed by the three friends. Blue Man Productions is a world-renowned theater company. The theater has performed in more than twenty countries from the time the theater company started to perform internationally. Shows by Blue Man Productions are captivating to watch . Blue man group integrates comedy, art, and technology in its shows. Shows by the Blue man group are a celebration of human connection. The show Blue man group show is worthy to watch given that it is continuously being refreshed with new songs, new music, and state of the art technology that make the show more appealing to watch. The creativity that is displayed by the Blue man group show has made the show become part of United States of America popular culture. Blue man group has taken part in many branding campaigns of different companies. The Blue man group show is full of sound effects that make the show more interesting to watch. Directing of the Blue man group show is commendable. The director ensured that all aspects of drama well coalesce in the play so that the play may not only entertain the audience but also manifest all elements of drama.

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