To What Extent Does Americas Past Affect Its Debates on Inequality?

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Americas past plays an important role in shaping the debates regarding inequality both in the nation and in the world. In the past, America took up slaves from Africa and used them to work on their farms. As the eras changed, these workers gained their independence and a majority decided to keep living in America. As such, they became citizens of the country and they were supposed to assume all the rights and obligations deserving of any American. However, the whites felt threatened by the large numbers of the black Americans and decided to restrict their freedoms. The people of color were denied access to quality education as well as good jobs. The segregation became so severe that the minority had to come up with techniques to fight for their recognition as members of America. However, the nation has not managed to integrate them into society.

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Today, there are still complaints about white superiority. The Black Americans still struggle with the challenge of poor standards of living as they have low earning careers (Sherman). Additionally, their neighborhoods are underdeveloped. In fact, some of their homes are located in shanty towns. Aside from that, there are complaints about the manner in which people of color are treated by law enforcers. A majority of them cites that they are mistreated and they are treated with suspicion. The leadership of the America also portrays that they are sidelined from political seats since a majority of the senators in the US are white. However, the election of Obama as the president of the nation proved that their hope for equal treatment for people from all races in the United States of America.

Question Two: Does America have a moral authority to dictate world affairs?

The United States does not have a moral authority to dictate world affairs since it ranks among the nations with the highest wealth inequality in the world. The top one percent earns about $1.3 million a year, while the bottom group makes an average of $16000 (Long). The country has not managed to reduce the income disparity among its citizens. Some people earn very high amounts of money while others live in extreme poverty. Such occurrences show that the government has failed to promote equity among its nationals. Therefore, if US cannot manage its internal chaos, it cannot be entrusted with dictating world affairs.

The country is also plagued with racism. The division between the whites, black Americans, and other immigrants has not been closed (WSJ Editor). The whites have access to superior opportunities in the education sectors, and the job market. Similarly, their neighborhoods receive a lot of attention from the government. As such, they are well maintained unlike those where the people of color live. The Black Americans and other immigrants live in regions with poor infrastructure. Additionally, their pays allows them to take their children to public schools that have a lower level of education. The judicial systems are also biased towards the white citizens. The individuals receive shorter sentences compared to their counterparts. Similarly, the police are known to harass black Americans and individuals who practice the Islamic religion. It is shameful that the government in the nation has not managed to create an environment that favors all citizens.

In conclusion, America is still plagued with inequality. As such, it cannot act as a moral authority that dictates the affairs of other countries. It must ensure that it reduces the social, economic, and political favoritism that exists in the nation.

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