United States relationship with Russia and Suggestion Letter

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United States relationship with Russia has been frosty for a long time. This is because of the different policy that each country wants to establish on the other. Russia and the United States maintain diplomatic relationship since 2008 based on the crisis that is observed in Ukraine and Syria. Observers have indicated that it has led to cold war between the two countries. Both countries have tried to enhance strict measures when it comes to trade, and its has affected many of the citizens who have been trading for a long time. Despite the tension, the two countries are working together to ensure there is security and unite in fighting terrorism.

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The rise of President Putin of Russia worsens the relationship between the two countries as they started disagreeing in various matters concerning international policies. Putin becomes more assertive in international affairs making allies with some countries that had the same agenda. The United States took and increasingly unilateral course in its foreign policy after the 9/11 attack that led to the killing of many of the American citizens. The primary role of the United States was to monitor all the activities that other countries were enhancing to ensure security for their citizens. Russia disagreed with this idea arguing that this will be interfering with the internal affairs of the other countries. It was important for the United States to keep a close monitor for some specific countries, which was known to host many terrorist.

In March 2007, the United States made a major announcement of planning to build an antimissile facility in Poland with a radar station that will be situated in the Czech Republic. The US argued that the program was supposed to protect the citizens of America and Europe for any missile launch by Iran and North Korea. At that time, there was tension between the three countries as some people speculated it was because Iran and North Korea were supporting all the Russia policy. Russia however, saw this idea as a potential threat that would lead to another world war. It advocated policies that would ensure the United States didnt move forward with that agenda.

The Russia government argued that there was a long-range intercontinental ballistic missile, which it claimed, could defeat any missile system that the United States may try to establish. Putin warned the United States that if they go ahead with that plan of build that anti-missile, Russia would consider targeting Poland and the Czech Republic. This action created much tension between the European countries. It made the US to be reluctant of establishing that missiles program in those two countries. The US saw this as a big threat to their country's security and formed allies with other nations that advocated the same foreign policy.

On February 2008, Putin made a statement indicating that Russia had the capacity to retarget those missiles to Ukraine if the US continues with their mission of implementing those program. The idea behind Putins remarks was to ensure Ukraine did not agree with that agree since their country would be the first target for that missile launch. The Ukraine official had to meet with the US officials to discuss how they can come up with a better strategy. On July 2008, Putin announced that if the missile launch would reach the Russian border, then they would attack the US militarily. These would be seen as the appearance of another world war. The international community had to intervene to try to talk to the two parties on how they can resolve their personal issues without interfering with other nations or creating tensions that may result in another world war. However, on 14 August 2008, the US went ahead with their initial plans despite the many criticisms by Putin. They launched that missile in Poland claiming that it is one member of the NATO community and should be shielded just like any other country. Additionally, Czech Republic also agreed with the idea of installing radars in their country that would strengthen security measures in all regions. The US had bilateral talks with the official of Czech Republic, who agreed to the terms and conditions that were put forward by the US. This action was seen as very beneficial to that country since it had experienced a series of attacks in the recent years. The citizens would be protected from any missile before it even attacked them. After the announcement was made, the Russian government assured the US that in case that program affected their borders in any way, then they should be ready for whatever will happen.

The North Korea nuclear threat also saw a major disagreement between the US and Russia government. Putin condemned the action of North Korea wanting to launch their nuclear indicating that it may be harmful to the world. On the other hand, North Korea and the US had earlier had bilateral talks concerning that nuclear threat and had agreed on the way forward. The US was supporting North Korea, and this created tension between Russian and the US. Russia formed allies with China, who were also opposing that move of North Korea to launch their nuclear missiles. North Korea government argues that it was a way of protecting their citizens from any terrorist groups that have been on the high rise in the recent years. They argue that it would scare away that terrorist from making threats to their country. On September 2009, The US, Russia, China and the United Kingdom had bilateral talks to discuss the issues of that nuclear missile. Although they did not agree on a final decision, the United Nations made sanctions to North Korea for attempting to launch that nuclear weapon. This sanction was greatly praised by Russians and China.

Suggestion Letter

To: Barrack Obama, President of the United States

From: Model Student

Date: March 20, 2016

Subject: RussiaUnited States Relations

I would like to give you my suggestion regarding the currently conflicting issues that the country is having with Russia. The first suggestion is that you hold bilateral talks with the Russian President to come up with a better solution of solving the issue regarding North Korea. This can involve inviting various countries and stakeholders to give their opinions regarding the matter. It would help those countries to maintain a peaceful relationship with each other.

The next suggestion I would like to give you is to stop the idea of launching the anti-missile program in Ukraine since it has led to many disagreement with Russia. This would ensure that these two countries are able to read from the same page in different aspects.

The cold war between the United States and Russia began when President Bush declared a cold war over Malta Summit. The Russia government was displeased with that decision which made them dissolve their previous union that was commonly known as the Soviet Union forming the Common Wealth of Independent States. This resulted in all the countries that were under the Soviet Union to be independent and come up with different policies that governed their states. The advice that I would like to give, Mr. President, is that the US should have a good relationship with all the independent states that was under the Soviet Union. This can be made possible by having free trade with those countries. Free trade is a good way of creating a strong relationship since it will have a direct impact to the economy of those countries.

The suggestion for improvement involves the US government to establish policies that are favorable to all the nations. This can be made possible through having bilateral talks with countries of concern especially Russia. Once they agree on the terms set forward, they can then proceeds with those ideologies. The reason why there are so many conflicts issues between the US and Russia is because both countries are fighting to remain the world superpowers. US should also try to influence the passing of international laws that ensures all countries in the world to govern by it. This would reduce the many threating activities that countries are having currently. Fox example, such policy would have prevented North Korea from launching their Missiles. To avoid the cold war that was created due to the Malta summit, The US can initiate talks with Russia to come up with reliable solutions that the two countries would adapt. The cold war can be dangerous to the world peace since it will lead to dividing the world into different allies.


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