Is China Becoming a Dangerous Superpower? - Articles Analysis Essay

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There has been a tense showdown between the US and China with word going round in the global headlines that China could become the next superpower. In the mid-90s, China followed Japan and agreed to accept America as the primary strategic power in Asia, and the US got an easy platform to become the world’s superpower country. The position has never been contested by any other country ever since the US assumed it (White, pg.1). However, the rapid social, economic, and political growth in China has posed a threat to the US. Currently, China does not recognize the US as the strategic power plan and wants to introduce a new model of strategic power relations in Asia, and this will only mean that either China or the US will have to take full charge of this weighty position.

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In the comparison of the two articles by Dean Cheng, a distinguished Chinese analyst, there are few similarities between the reports. First, both articles agree that China has become a regional threat to the US and has won global attention in its endeavors to replace the US. It is evident that China is sabotaging America from fulfilling its security obligations since it has prevented them from deploying in the western regions (White, pg.1). Secondly, both articles recognize that the US had an easy way to assume the superpower position when China accepted to let America become the primary strategic plan in Asia.

America v China: The Battle for Digital Supremacy

According to the articles, the battle for supremacy between China and the US has been spearheaded by China's actions against the US. China revoked its relationship with the US when it failed to recognize America as superior to her, instead, she started contesting for the coveted position, thus, creating the rivalry between the two counties. China has the capability of defeating the US since it has all the modern military equipment to outshine the current superpower (White, pg.1). Both articles shift the blame on the US policymakers and analysts who have turned a blind eye and ignored the seriousness of China's supremacy challenge.

Economic Growth of China

However, there are different opinions about the economic growth of China, one article explains that China is capable of providing economic support to its allies while the second one argues that the US has an economic advantage over China. China has the largest population in the world, and this has paralyzed its ability to cater to the needs of its citizens (Whites, pg.2). However, due to the average population in the US, its economy has been able to support its people and extend financial aid to other nations without putting heavy burdens on its people. If this US-China rivalry is not settled at an early stage, there is a potential risk of them getting into a war to determine which one of them will clinch the top position.


In conclusion, it is crucial to recognize both countries since they both play significant roles in the global arena. Hence, one should not ignore the fact that the US has controlled the globe for many years and has gained the experience and ability to enhance the living standards of people all over the world through her aids. It is difficult to brush off the US and remain in the shadow of China, thus, the US should remain as the world's superpower country (Whites, pg.1). However, China should also be considered and given a chance to work with the US for the effective transformation of the world. Peace between the two rivals can be achieved through the signing of new treaties to eradicate the growing animosity between them.

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