The US Presient Inauguration Speech

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Fellow Americans, men and women of this beautiful nation, ladies and gentlemen, I am overwhelmed with joy and happiness that today I stand before you to address you as your president. I am glad that today, I am the president of the United States of America. First of all I want to thank the almighty God, who has blessed each and every American starting from the youngest children to the eldest in our nation. I say thank you to the Almighty for keeping us safe and enabling us to carry out this democratic exercise of presidential election. My second thanks go to you, fellow Americans, who have chosen me as your president through a democratic vote system. It gives me joy to see that you have confidence and trust in my leadership of this nation. I also want to extend my sincere gratitude to the people who organized these elections to make it a success. I am proud of you because you are wonderful people in a wonderful nation. To my family I say thanks for being supportive and for keeping me in your prayers as I journeyed towards this victory.

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As you president, I want to assure you that your long wait for the perfect president for this nation has come to an end today. For us to achieve prosperity in our nation, we must move together as a nation and override any divisions along racial lines and religious differences. We must move together as one people of one nation having one common agenda, which is to achieve the greatest heights possible for this nation. For this reason, I intend to make sure that all the government institutions and bodies achieve a racial balance in the way they share responsibilities and positions. This will go a long way in making sure that no group, be it minority or majority is marginalized and discriminated against. We need to bring ideas from each and every American of good will to the table to chart the most appropriate way forward for our nation and therefore, achieving racial balance in government and even non-governmental organizations working within our nation will help us to reach this goal and cement our togetherness as United States of America.

Fighting terrorism and ensuring security and safety of all Americans is one of my top priorities as president of the United States of America. We cannot seat down and watch innocent lives of Americans and even citizens of other countries get lost at the hands of terrorists who commit heinous crimes against humanity. We must desist from linking our religious practices to terrorist acts such as slaughtering innocent people because of their difference in religion and religious beliefs. This not only pulls our country behind but also goes against the laws of our nation. I therefore want to assure you my fellow Americans that my government will do whatever it takes to keep terrorists and acts of terrorism aloof this nation by ensuring that appropriate intelligence is employed to curb the menace and secure the American people.

Fellow Americans, globalization is here with us and we cannot run away from it. We need to move on and make sure that we keep up with the improvements that are presented by these opportunities. I intend to enter into business pacts with other nations of the world, particularly those which have potential to provide adequate market for our manufactured goods so that Americans can find a market for all their goods and boost their businesses. This will go a long way in helping this nation to increase its Gross Domestic Product and help us improve and develop the state of the art facilitates and infrastructure that will improve the lives of Americans in this nation. I understand that there have been hitches here and there regarding exportation of certain goods. But my government will aim to ensure that those hitches are overcome in order to make it possible for Americans to trade freely with the outside world more efficiently than it has been. For America to achieve prosperity in all aspects of the lives of its people, we must be able to interact with the outside world and see what they have got and improve on their ideas to reach greater heights. That is why I am committed to ensuring that there will be free trade links between the United States of America and other superpowers of the world.

My dear Americans, we all know that education is very important in the contemporary world. Education for the children of this nation is the only assurance for a bright future for the future generation of this nation. For that reason, I will ensure that the primary education in this nation becomes compulsory and subsidized so that all the American children get access to education and move on to high schools and universities to gain skills and knowledge that will enable them to steer this nation forward. My fellow Americans, he who invests in the youth, invests in his or her future. My government will be keen on making sure that we achieve primary and secondary education to at least 90% of all our children in this nation through subsidizing the school fees in our public schools.

My fellow Americans, peace and harmony are the mother of prosperity of any community, region or nation. For this nation to continue enjoying the prosperity and developing even further to greater heights, we need peace and harmony. My fellow Americans, peace will help us to think of how best to move our nation forward. I therefore intend to enhance peace and harmonious living in this nation by ensuring that all America enjoy equal constitutional rights in this nation. This will help to ensure that all the Americans stay contented with our legal systems and our leadership and therefore stay in peace and harmony with their neighbours. I therefore urge you my fellow Americans to hold your hands together wherever you are in this nation or outside this nation and say, "May peace fill the United States of America." Let us stay in peace with one another and be our brothers keeper for this nation needs each and every American irrespective of their race, age or position in our society.

Last but not least, fellow Americans, I urge all of you and the houses of congress and the senate to be corporative and forget our political differences. In this way we shall be able to serve the people of this nation appropriately. I ask that you give each other humble time to deliver in their jurisdiction and serve the beautiful people of America. May God Bless the United States of America.

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