The Role of Art in Greece and Rome Empire

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Art is defined as a diverse range of human activities involved in creating of visual, expressing the author's technical or imaginative skills, performing artwork (artifacts) or auditory, intended to be appreciated for their emotional power and beauty. The activities included in the artwork are the criticism of art, the production of the artifacts, study of art history and analyzing the dissemination of art. From the study of the architecture and artwork in roman empire and ancient Greece, the art does not act as the way to entertain the audience but it play a critical role in reflecting the how the society looks like. The primary objective of the artist is to demonstrate how the society looks like. In the context of a nation, the artwork defines the political, social, economic and technological way of how a society looks like. Most of the political and the people in power use the work of art to communicate to the society, which they are not able to reach to have a verbal talk.

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The architecture and artwork of Rome Empire and ancient Greece played the fundamental role of the western art history, founding numerous key techniques, styles, and concepts that artist in the subsequent decades have responded and revisited over time in countless ways. These ways include the precise styles for casting and carving the freestanding sculptures and the applying of urban large-scale building projects, which allowed the use of skilled to design the image ranging from concrete to bronze to marble. The principle maxim in the Greek culture states that man has the potential to measure all things including scrutinizing of the human form and creating of ideas from the work of art. The artwork in Greek was used to define the mythology on the human being. The figures were designed in as such manner that they defined how human beings looked like before they completely evolved. The artwork describes the pantheon of god in those ancient times. Many of the artists from Roman Empire borrowed much of artwork from the Greek as they contributed much of their own. The growth of art contributed in forming new forms of political life that included emergency and advocacy of democracy. The artwork, therefore, becomes a form of culture in the two nations. The people used the art was use to express the feeling of the people about the current politics and prevailing economic condition. From the artwork, the people in leadership were able to learn the feelings of the people.

Since the ancient time the work, reflect the past and history of the society. The art and music speak to the dramatic political, social and how technology has changed over time. The artwork had a very great influence on how the leaders influenced the society and also to make political mirage. The leaders in the Roman Empire used artwork to make themselves to look great. Their portraits could be drawn in the coins, which are the means of trade. The roman coins were stuck with the images of the political leaders to make ideological and political points.

The artwork acted as the mirror of the society that describes the people of the society that design the artwork. The work of the artists in the Greek and Roman Empire reflected the society of the nation. Throughout their sculpture, temples, and pottery there were images that describe the fundamental principles of the Greek culture (arete). The word arete in Greek mean reaching and excellence of people full potential. The artifact in the ancient Greek emphasized on the accomplishment and importance of the human beings. Although most of the artwork in Greek was to honor their gods these gods were created and designed in the image of human beings. The government sponsored much of the artwork and the main objective was for the purpose of public display. Hence, the architecture and artifacts were the major sources of the pride for the people and were found in various parts of the Greek cities. The government could set these images in the big cities where the people met frequently like acropolis where the palace and temples are found. In acropolis, the Greeks held religious festivals and ceremonies as well as the political meetings. The government used the artwork to show its identity with the people. The government could use the artwork to show that it ascribe to the value of the people they are ruling.

The artwork also played a critical way in influencing the technology, which came up with the new way of doing thing instead of the tradition methods, which were less effective and efficient. The Greek architectures had much influence on the Roman builders. The Greek building styles included the use of the graceful proportions, columns, and pediments. Although roman applied these elements but also added their own ideas. The builders in the Roman Empire were excellent engineers. They came up with innovative ways of improving the building structures. These innovations included the application of domes, vaults, and arches. These ideas made the artist to build more quality items that are attractive to the society.

The development of art in the Roman Empire allowed the construction of the tallest building in the cities. Many of the modern structure have borrowed the roman to build their houses. One of the well-known is the united state capital building. The artwork also allows and facilitates the discovery of the new building materials. The Romans developed concrete that was both strong and light. The new building materials were used to develop and design strong vaults. Today concrete has continuously been used as one of the building material. One of the ways an artist can be successful in his or her work is being creative and hence developing the new way of solving the problem.

The roman created aqueducts to provide water to the cities. The aqueduct refers to the man-made waterway. This helps facilitate the community to have water to their home. The aqueduct also allowed the supply of water to the public facilities such as public bathhouse and toilets.

The artwork has also much influence in the economy of the nation. The numerous cultural industries and creative industries bring a lot of money to the nation. People are always interested in learning the people's culture and history. To know the people history there needs to be artwork that describes the history of the community.

The artwork involved the pottery including fashioning the vase, selecting the clay, applying varnish, painting, baking, and drying. The production went for home usage (oil lamps, containers, and dishes) or for commercial use, and the rest served artistic and religious functions. The Greek did not add any value to the clay work. This work had much influence in foreign trade. Most of the work was done by the foreign slavery. The craftwork shop employed more than 120 slaves and these facilitated the way on which the government could influence many the slave trade.

Today they are various where people go to see the Greek art including the places outside the Greece for example in New York where we have the metropolitan museum of art. There is also the Athen, which is one of the best places to see the Greek art. All this work has an economical influence on the nation as they act a site for attraction to tourist. As a result of the many tourists who visits to see the artwork and learn about the Greece history culture, the country is able to gain foreign income. Some of the craft are also exported outside the country and hence act as the base of political propaganda. The leaders used artwork to display their achievement which most of the time was untrue. This is to try to creative perception on the citizen that the government has achieved much. The leaders created artwork to show that they incited certain project with the primary objective of creating propaganda.

The work of architecture also played a significant role in creating the infrastructure system such as roads and communication network. This facilitated effective communication. As result of this trade, was made effective hence enhancing the free flow of goods and services hence enhancing economic growth? The economic growth had the direct impact on the life of the citizens, as they are able to meet their basic needs. As result of the improved communication and transport network, the country was able to create a good network with the neighboring countries. This help to attract more investors in the country who help the nation. The investor from other nation brought with them a new way of doing business hence replaced the tradition, which was less efficient and effective. This created more employment opportunities of the citizen and hence improving the standard of living.

Most of the road led to the capital. They were solidified to a central position where the government offices are. This allowed the ruler fast and easily access to the colonies. This was to make them easily reach the entire citizen in the country. The rulers were there able to get information on any arising issue that could destabilize the government act hence act with it as per the magnitude of the impact it could cause to his government.

The artwork also enhanced the security of the Roman Empire. The artist was able to build the wall that in France and hence increase the security of the nation. Because of the enhanced security, the investors confidence is created. The buildings made by the artist were used as the administrative offices where the government provided services to the citizens.

The artwork was also to describe how the society viewed the different people in the society based on their gender. The Greek and Roman Empire were religious countries and therefore believed in gods. In the place of worship, that is the palace and temple their image of gods which were to be worshiped. The majority of the images describe gods as a male person. Hence, god was an image of man. From the image, women were perceived to be less superior than men. The women were there not involved in any authoritative purpose as their role was to stay at home with the children. The artwork, therefore, describes the people to be in authority. The women, therefore, did not engage in political activities, as it was the value of the society.

The artifacts also play a critical role in the social life of the human being. The Greece art describes god as human beings. This demonstrated that human being should be treated with much dignity, as they resemble the god. In the mind of the artist's citizen are small gods and hence people in the authority should not take advantage of them by exploiting them. The artwork plays the role of as describing every person in the society. Because of the tourist and investor moving from their nations Rome, they were able to integrate and relate with one another. In the real sense, the artwork acted as a unifying factor among communities.

The artwork in the Greece and man empire demonstrates how human have evolved from many centuries ago. It demonstrates the change have occurred over the period hence demonstrating to the audience that there is still of growth. It is because of this perception that the new technology is still evolving since when people look many years back they are able to see that thing have changed significantly and hence make the effort to research on the new ways of doing things. It is discovered that Roman Empire did not have much of their own artwork but they borrowed from the ancient Greece and developed them. The most of the image in the two nations there had the same meaning and hence they were interrelated. Some other image that artists produced was the scripture of the people who did not have heads. The scripture was found in the house of the wealthy people or people with influence in the society. These images were used to defin...

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