Strawberry and Chocolate: Film Analysis

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Strawberry and Chocolate is one of the most viewed and recognized international films, which is co-produced and directed by Tomas Gutierrez Alea and Juan Carlos Tabio. Fundamentally, the film is based on the story, The Wolf, The Forest and the New Man, and occurs in a place known as Havana, Cuba, in 1979. Overall, it is based on the plot whereby a man finds that friendship and understanding can destroy the barriers created by many boundaries such as the age, politics, and gender. Notably, David also known as Vladimir Cruz is a University Student and a staunch communist whose, a closer look at his personal life, is portrayed to be in something lie a slump. Recently, his girlfriend left to marry another man after she took her to a hotel to seduce her and could not ultimately believe that anyone could make love to such an ugly place she was born. Diego tries to seduce David (Vladimir Cruz), who is also an earnest and a dogmatic member of the Young Communist League who admitted in the college. From the plot, the major characters are Diego and David, but others such as Nancy and Miguel also forms some of the important characters in the film.

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Cultural analysis

The film Strawberry and Chocolate significantly offers an illustration of the Cuban culture, especially in the between the 1970s and 1980s. David discovers that Diego is considerably intellectual and revolutionary than he ever thought. In this sense, Diego is portrayed as the embodiment of culture and identity that the revolution seeks to subdue. Analysis of this issues shows that Cuban people define their culture in terms outside Cuba and revolution. Diego learns the Opera and the classical music, in addition to having studied the European literature and poetry. In contrast, the American definition of culture is based on various social and cultural characteristics such as the dialect, music, arts, the cuisine, and the other social habits. On a wider note, it integrates the customs and traditions within the United States. Notably, serious cultural conflicts between the revolutionists and other people are depicted in the film. This is seen where Diego openly celebrates the Cuban culture but is deeply resented by many revolutions such as the Jose Lezama Lima, despite speaking about the culture behind the closed doors, with loud music playing. In the United States, in contrast, Learning a different culture from ones does not land one in situations of being victimized, but promotes cultural and nations cohesiveness.

Finally, people are discriminated and regarded as outcasts by their societies because of their sexualities, things their desire or love, and beliefs in Cuba. This is the factor that determines where the boundary of social interactions is drawn. The social interaction between people as depicted in the film relies on beliefs and perception of some people by others. This is considerably portrayed whereby when Diego is termed as an outcast; having demonstrated strong love and desire of the high arts and beliefs. In contrast, the American culture social interaction is not defined by any significant or noticeable factor. The institutions such as marriage, education, religion, families, and culture mainly determine such interaction.

Personal analysis

In my opinion, the film is thoughtful and fosters the arousal of the sensual pleasures. The director of the film has succeeded in offering the illustration of two characters, one gay and the other one straight, who seem different but very similar from a particular point of view. Notably, while both of them love their nations, they emerge to learn that love of an individual is possibly expressed differently, and can still be valued and substantially respected. The movie provides considerable aspects of the cultural aspect of Cuba, its components and the factors that determine social interactions between people. For example, the involved social interaction relies on beliefs, and perception of some people by others and is portrayed whereby when Diego is termed as an outcast; having demonstrated strong love and desire of the high arts and beliefs. I think that this movie is worth to watch because it considerably provided with the insights about the Cuba, which is a nation that I have not learned more about. To me, I treat watching the film as a move to lessen the tension in life. Therefore, the film would be appropriate for Span 110 as it may provide the students with insights regarding the Spanish culture, its elements, and the determiners of social culture.

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