Evaluation of three trailers of the same movie: Dont Breathe

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Dont breathe is a horror film that was released in the summer of 2016 and is set in the modern day Detroit. The plot is set in a suburban neighborhood that reeks of wealth but at the same time, appears as a ghost town. A group of three small time robbers, namely: Rocky, her boyfriend Money and Alex, indulge in theft as means to escape from their realities. Rockys motivation for stealing is to save enough money in order to move to California with her little sister, away from their neglectful mother. Alex proves to be a useful accomplice because his father owns a security company that is responsible for the well-being of the neighborhood. He therefore has access to keys and alarm codes. They particularly focus on petty thefts in order to avoid hefty penalties but this changes when they receive a tip that an Army veteran has a safe in his house that contains $300,000. Upon further investigation, they realize that he acquired this money from a case settlement in which a woman ran over his daughter to death. They assume that this mission will be easy when they discover that the man is blind and therefore embark on a mission that night to steal the cash.

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Trailer 1:

The first trailer is not as captivating as the others mainly as it depicts the storyline as basic and mundane like most other horror films. The sound effects are not as profound and therefore do not instill a sense of suspense. The trailer does little to appeal to the emotions of its target audience, which is high school kids and college students who are just about to resume school. The trailer also focuses on the grotesque aspect of the film, the killing and the blood.

Trailer 2:

The second trailer does a better job with the visuals as it is more crisp and captivating. The use of nature to strike a balance between edits and natural light, creates terror that is required to keep the audience captivated. However, the trailer offers misleading representations of the film whereby certain scenes shown are not in the actual film. This is false advertising as it creates interest in the viewer but upon watching the movie, one ends up disappointed. For example, the scene in which Rocky dances and kisses her boyfriend is omitted in the movie. Usually this is done to attract a large audience however, it usually backfires because of reviews from people who see it and are aware that the trailer was an advertisement to a bad movie. Another downside to the trailer is that it gives too much of the plot aware and therefore does not capture the attention of the target audience. They feel like they have already watched the whole movie just by watching the trailer.

Trailer 3:

This trailer, which is an international release, happens to be the best trailer. The camerawork and editing are crisp and creates an atmosphere in which the viewer feels as though they are in the scenes with the actors. The 360 degrees future recently adopted by YouTube also creates a 3D effect so that the viewer is immersed in the reality of the movie therefore even increasing the effect of terror. The sharp images fit the screen meticulously and the sound design compliments the features. For instance, in particular scenes, one experiences horror just by the sheer genius of creating an image with enough lighting but still maintaining the terror of night. This enables the viewers to see what the characters in the movie are not able to see, such as the blind man creeping up on Rocky after she assumes he is dead. The director focused on high quality pictures that use low lighting. This also created a sense of credibility because it implies that the cinematography of the actual movie is exemplary. It builds on believability and does not outrageously stretch the imagination of the viewer. The visuals and editing are apt and portray a realistic expectation of the movie while still appealing to the emotions of the audience. The viewers are able to sympathize with both Rocky and the blind man and still be appalled by both later on. It shows the artistic expression of the director who aims to move away from the quintessential horror movie tales by focusing more on suspense and shocking audiences rather than the spillage of blood. The art tells a story with a compelling range of emotions. The use of primal sounds deviates from the norm with the aim of creating a more natural setting that still dished out an eerie atmosphere. The target audience was mostly college students in urban areas who were resuming school after the summer holidays. The target age was for people under 25 especially considering that a good horror movie had not been made in years. It also would appeal to Hispanic movie goers who are known to have a penchant for horror movies. Therefore, the trailer succeeds in convincing audiences that it is worth the wait and their money by building up suspense in the right places and also evoking intense emotions. For instance, Rockys rape scene which was ghastly and unexpected.


The third trailer stands out for a number of reasons. First, it provides basic information about the movie. It finds a sweet spot by introducing the sultry town and makes the viewers perceive it as harmless. Then it delves into the whole essence of the movie by letting one know that the characters in the movies are thieves and are plotting to rob a man. The logic of the trailer is carried in them finding out he is blind and therefore deciding to break into his house. With the help of apt sound design, the trailer is able to give the viewer the gist of the movie without giving too much away. It also does an excellent job of introducing the main cast by providing context of the motivation behind their behavior. It focuses on the four main characters without overwhelming the viewer with too many cast members. The trailer provides a balance of good and evil; good in the sense that Rocky is portrayed as a loving sister who only wants the best for her family but also bad because she and her friends decide to rob a blind man. It however, does not go into the depth of the characters of the cast and therefore manages to maintain suspense. This gives room for imagination which then compels the viewer to purchase a ticket to the cinemas.

The trailer incorporates sounds that at first seem primal in order to create an even more eerie atmosphere. The use of these sounds as compared to usual music soundtracks, reflects on the mood of the movie. It makes the movie appear dramatic while still maintaining some subtlety. The sound design captures the mood and focuses on emotions at key plot points. This makes the audience excited and makes selling the movie easier. The sound creates a sense of nostalgia while simultaneously appealing to our itching sense of adventure. Therefore, the third trailer does an impeccable job of tickling the humans addiction to trouble and terror.

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