The Nation under Water

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The sea levels will have risen to astonishingly high concentrations. Some cities are on the verge of submerging. The coastlines are no longer safe. Although we had been warned that the sea levels were rising, we thought it was a hoax. The greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere have been increasing enormously. Our thirst for fossil fuel cannot be quenched. Our cars burn thousands and thousands of gallons of gas. We cannot just throw them away; we cannot live without traveling from place to place. Our lives would be unbearable without them. The numerous electronic devices in our houses need electricity. Our industrial and home energy needs are increasing as each day passes. The sports events, the parties, the concerts, the never ending numerous events need to be powered and broadcasted.

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Moreover, we dont want the occurrence of August 14, 2003, to occur again. We cannot afford another situation where forty million Americans and over eight states come to a standstill due to a black out. The six thousand power plants must continuously power the grid; fifty percent of this energy comes from coal. Coal is the environments greatest enemy but our best friend when it comes to meeting our energy needs. We cannot afford to compromise a natural resource that serves nearly all our nations electricity needs.

Some suggest that since we cannot reduce our energy needs we should protect our coastlines by building levees or perhaps build massive dams. The government can also implement the architectural designs used in some countries like Netherlands where cities are built on water. Wouldnt it be foolish just to watch our cities submerge in water just because we cannot sacrifice our love for fossil fuels? Should we just ignore the issue of global warming just because the consequences will not affect us immensely like it would for the future generations?

The problem can be solved by using alternative friendlier means. Nuclear energy is a possible option. Moreover, it is friendlier. Although it is expensive to install the nuclear plants and to run them, we cannot compare our natural habitat to costs incurred in preserving it, because protecting the earth means protecting our lives. Other renewable sources like solar, natural gas, and wind energy must be explored further for use. A single wind turbine can generate electricity for over a thousand homes. That means that thousands of them can generate electricity for hundreds of thousands of home. Instead of allowing animal waste to get lost, it can be used to produce gas which would power communities. Use of corn ethanol as an alternative should be considered on a large scale for powering cars.

Instead of depending on the government to build expensive and massive energy saving plants, people should initiate individual energy saving actions. For instance, individuals should buy energy saving bulbs and other home use electrical devices. Installing solar panels on the roofs different houses will also be instrumental in reducing the burning of fossil fuel for energy. Using eco-friendly cars like hybrids or fully powered electrical vehicles will play a significant role in reducing the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere. Individuals should also ensure that their houses are renovated and in excellent condition to minimize energy losses.

Finally, it would be useless for one individual to engage in environmentally friendly activities while their counterpart sees no use of it. Unless the public is well educated about the consequences of burning fossil fuel on the atmosphere then one morning we will wake up with no place to call home.

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