The Letter to Mother and Father from the War

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Dear Mother and Father,

It has been quite long since we communicated. I have to appreciate your efforts of trying to reach me through letters. Although I have not been in a position to respond to them due to the tight schedule here in the Army, I want to inform you that I have received them, and they form part of my happiness in war since I know I have parents who care about me. Father and mother, I hope your life in Manchester is coupled with happiness and good life since it will be a motivating factor to perform my duties as a soldier in this war with less fear and a little trepidation. On the same note, I would like to inquire about other family members: I hope they are in their comfortable standard of living. Lastly, I would like to inquire about some of the friends I used to hang out with when I was at home. Kindly, in your next letter, address the above concerns since they form the basis of my concentration while fighting this war.

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However, as much as fighting is a sign of patriotism and loyalty to the country, the combat war on the river Somme has not been an easy one. First, the river is composed of bushy marshes and lies next to the swamp that makes it easy for the enemies to hide and attack us. Moreover, it flows at a high speed due to its landscape; hence, it is complex to cross it when we are attacked from St. Quentin in the east and to the coast. However, despite the challenges, we have had a tactical training that cannot be matched by our adversaries. I remember one day, we used an extraordinary intelligence to attack the opponents who were pretending to visit the museum near the river. In order to reach the enemies, we had to crawl for more than two kilometers. In the end, we had some injuries in our stomach, knees, and legs. Coupled with cold weather, the combat operation in river Somme is the toughest I have ever handled: it can compel one to neglect his/her duties. However, I swore to protect my country, community, relatives, and friends; hence, I will fight this war until the end.

Moreover, one of the incidences made me work in apprehension is the death of my best friend in the camp. He was shot under my watch due to more numbers of enemies that were on our side of duty. The feelings of his death almost made me surrender. However, our motto and driving sentence "once a soldier, always a soldier" reminded me not to surrender to the enemy. Of course, I am saddened by his demise; however, life has to continue, and we have to protect our own country.

Father and mother, becoming a soldier is not for the faint-hearted individuals. It needs people who are ready to die for the country as my friend did; hence, the fear of my death should not worry anybody since I had made a decision to protect you. However, I hope we are going to win this war following the training and the equipment we have to fight our foes. However, as soldiers, our ultimate protector is God, for whom we believe, will safeguard us and guide us throughout this war until we meet again as winners.

Your beloved son,

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