The Importance of Prayer to Christians

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Thesis: An individual who has been raised in a society that is predominantly Christian will have the conditioning to know that it is essential to pray; as such, the individual in question will take their time to pray as they would consider it to be important to their religion and beliefs.

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The Issue: The power of Prayer to Christians.

Thesis: Prayer has often provide a Christian with a source of power that they would have otherwise not obtained; as such, Christian have come to value prayer as a source of superhuman power thus making prayer not only a ritual but also a source of inner power.

The Issue: The power and importance of prayer to a Christian.

Thesis: This paper serves to examine both the power and importance of prayer as perceived by Christians by identifying literary material that would have relevant evidence as well as quotations that would provide credibility to the evidence provided.



Opening: Prayer, like air to a drowning man, is vital to a Christian as it provides the individual in question with a basis of faith backed by spiritual power.

Transition sentences: The importance of prayer as well as its power can be misconstrued by the uninformed. However, to a well rooted Christian, regular prayer becomes their second nature. To foster a close relationship with God, a Christian would have to improve their capacity towards effective prayer. A prayer backed by true faith is powerful beyond what one could ever fathom.

Thesis: This paper will delve into the importance and power of prayer in the context of Christianity by detailing the evidence from literary material as well as quotes and personal experience.


First Supporting Evidence: When one reads Exodus 32:9-10 (New Revised Standard Version), it is clear to see that Moses is channeling his anger towards the Israelites through the prayer.

Quote from research: Rather than act out in an angry manner, one is advised to go to go to God and ask him to take away the anger (Lucado, 2016).

Example: A good example is instances in my life where I have had a reason to confront my siblings or friends because of the wrong they do to me. However, I chose to say a silent prayer which takes away the anger.

Second Supporting Evidence: It has been found that leaders rooted in Christianity and have the capacity to use prayer, have the ability to make wise decisions in some of their most trying moments (Hedegard, 2013).

Quote from research: Leadership has always been argued to be a calling and not a career. However, more often than not, the leaders with the capacity to pray deliver leadership that both ordained and righteous (Hedegard, 2013).

Example: A good example of such an instance of ordained leadership as a result of prayer can be found in 1 Timothy 2:2. According to the verse, those in leadership would have the ability to be peaceful, a necessity in making wise decision.

Personal Experience: I have found this to be true through my own experience. For instance, leading my own sibling has almost always depended on the serenity coming from prayer, as was the case when I prayed to God to guide in guiding them through their personal issues.

Third Supporting Evidence: The power of prayer as well as its importance in Christianity is especially emphasized in Psalms 107: 28 30.

Quote: Wright (2014) agrees with the evidence provided by the bible by stating that prayer often calms any seemingly insurmountable problems.

Personal Experience: I had at one point in my life lost confidence just before taking my previous examinations. However, following a prayer, I was able to master the courage to sit for the exams. I eventually went on to pass the exams.


Summary: The power of prayer in the context of Christianity has been made clearly evident by the evidence as depicted by the bible and other literary material. The quotes from the authors referenced herein has gone to show that there is a close relationship between a prayerful Christian and the success as well as peace they are found to experience in their lives. Tea paper has also showed that prayer has been of great importance in my life though fits of anger, leadership, and turmoil.

Closing: One cane depict that prayer is tantamount to a ships rudder in the life of a Christian with regards to the turbulence associated with everyday life.


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