The Absence of Curiosity That Makes Life Banal

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They say that curiosity killed the cat, but it is really the absence of curiosity that makes life banal. Our sense of curiosity is at its peak during childhood. School then beckons and we are forced by a system to confine our vast minds into few subjects, limiting our curiosity and dulling the spark of life. We therefore cannot grasp the wonder and the beauty of the world and nature but are in turn forced to chase after what ours system deem good and desirable. But this should not be the case. For us to truly have an enriching life, we should let our curiosity wander far and beyond and savor its fruit in turn.

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We are all curious about different things. Each one of us derives a particular perspective from a particular experience. A group of students can be exposed to a particular situation and they all come with totally different interpretations. That is because our minds perceive things differently. Allowing curiosity of each individual to grow and flourish will nourish the world as we get to experience the vast pool of curiosities. The power within curiosity generates an interest to understand that which eludes us, engaging us in a chase trail which only ends when our curiosity is satisfied.

Our level of imagination and creativity is tied down to how curious we are. How can you possibly learn something if you do not have an interest in it? Since you don not want to learn about it you do not wonder about it so you cannot make much progress on it. When you are however curious to know how a certain phenomenon works, you tend to ask a lot of what if questions and juggle a range of different possibilities in your mind to find out the possibilities. And this is how great inventions have been achieved. It is no wonder that all the great discoveries of our time have been made by individuals who did not lose their child like sense of wonder. From Einstein to Mozart to Jobs, the power of unyielding curiosity has enabled us enjoy bountiful fruits.

All the great things in the world today are borne out of a curious mind. That inspiring music, the captivating paining, a new delicacy, that great book or musical play are all from the fountain of a curious mind. These are just but the imaginations of a few individuals, yet they enrich the masses. Think for a second of the possibility of a world that nurtures and appreciates curios minds; of the varied enriching experiences this world would benefit from. Curiosity ultimately brings about advancements in all fields.

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