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Technology has become an instrumental part of everyday life at school, home and in business. This has mainly been as a direct result of increased innovation, internet use, and access to technology just to mention a few. I agree with Nancye Blair's article "Technology Integration for the new 21st Century Learner, which examines the need for efficient and calculated technology integration into the classroom. In the article, the author presents the argument that 21st century learners have changed because of technology use. This is mainly attributable to the fact that learners nowadays have access to technology, devices, and the internet. This has brought about new avenues through which learners can gain knowledge, gain skills and learn I agree with the statement made by the author indicating, With the world literally at their fingertips, todays students need teachers and administrators to re-envision the role of technology in the classroom.

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This implies that there is a need for teachers to adopt new methods that are technology friendly and that allow learners to gain knowledge through technology. Furthermore, I also agree that there is a need to master more than the core curriculum offered at schools. I also agree that the introduction of new learning methods will require the redefinition of traditional teacher and student roles. Traditionally, the teacher played a central and critical role in educating students. However, based on the new roles the teacher acts as a catalyst and facilitator who supports student learning. This in turn will lead to teachers developing excellent learning activities for students. This in turn helps with learners easily understanding new concepts as well as improving problem-solving skills. It also improves content delivery on the teachers part.

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I agree with the discussion post since the author argues that it is important to ensure effective integration of technology into the classroom and learning activities for learners. The main reason for this observation is that technology integration in learning needs to be calculated. In addition, it needs to serve a specific objective within the classroom. I agree that adopting technology just for the sake of it may prove to be ineffective in the end. I also agree with the view that Mark A Edwards' article, "The 6 Key Drivers of Student Engagement," was wrong in viewing technology as a direct access tool for teachers connecting with learners. In my view, technology is not a direct path; rather it acts as a tool that allows students and teachers to connect.

The connection between teachers and students can only be achieved through different technology-based learning activities that teachers develop for students. Furthermore, it is important to note that the developed learning activities should be in line with the content that students are required to learn in class. This implies that teachers can be able to motivate their students easily through well-developed technology based learning activities. I agree with the authors view that a balance between traditional teaching methods and technology based learning needs to be struck. This is mainly because in most cases learners still require the teachers input while introducing new concepts. It is possible to achieve this balance by redefining teacher-student roles and relationships as suggested by Nancye Blair in her article. This will help in ensuring that technology is implemented effectively in the classroom and serves its intended purpose. It will also help in ensuring that teachers are able to connect and motivate learners.

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