The Great Gatsby: Personality of Jay Gatsby

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Jay Gatsby is an individual who is around thirty years of age. He rose from an impoverished childhood in Northern Dakota to be an individual who is fabulously rich. The manner in which Gatsby achieved his wealth is however questionable. Most of his riches were obtained from the sale of illegal alcohol, trading in stolen securities and participating in organized crime.

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From a tender age, Gatsby always hated the fact that he was poor. He always longed for sophistication and loathed poverty. This can be depicted from the fact that he was able to quit his janitorial job due to the fact that he felt that the job was demeaning to him regardless of the fact that it was paying his tuition fees. Gatsby was not only motivated by the desire to be rich, what motivated him further was his love for Daisy. His love for daisy was so high that he had to lie to her that he was from a different background when he met her so that she could convince her that he was good for her.

Gatsby is a character who knows that he has to make all kinds of decisions that are favorable to him to achieve what she wants. When Daisy got married to Buchanan in 1919, Gatsby dedicated himself to winning back the heart of Daisy. The acquisition of millions of dollars, lavish parties all weekends, and the purchase of a gaudy mansion just served as a means to that end.

The manner in which the author introduces the reputation of Gatsby in regard to information is unfair to him. In terms of speaking role, Gatsby does not appear until the third chapter. Initially, the author of the novel leaves Gatsby as an individual who is always constantly holding parties eve week at his mansion. The character of Gatsby is one of a celebrity even before the readers get to know him. The author, Fitzgerald, then propels the development of the character or Gatsby by shrouding his wealth and how Gatsby spent his childhood dealings. By the end of chapter six, the author gives the readers almost all the details about how Gatsby made his money through the criminal dealings.

The revelations in chapter six and chapter seven about Gatsby makes the main character have different impressions. Initially, the readers were given the impression that Gatsby was one individual who had been lovesick to an individual who has the capability of doing anything so as to gain wealth.

The delaying technique that is implemented by the author in the character of Gatsby emphasizes the approach that the main character took. This is also vital in the personality of Gatsby. He was able to create his own character and even changing his name from James to Jay. His passion or love for Daisy has forced him to pursue unforeseen lengths to win her heart. At the beginning of the novel, the picture that the author has created about how Gatsby views the world is the same as the picture that Gatsby wants the whole world to see about him. The persona of Gatsby can be seen as that of a masterful illusion by the author. The author has done a tremendous job in portraying the development of Gatsby over a long period, and the end results offer a masterful literature.

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