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I am an art student from the university of XXX and also an international student from China. I access many American culture when I am studying and also when I live in the United States of America. There has a lot of differences between American culture and Chinese culture and I have a lot of knowledge about the history of Western art. Different cultures and Western art history all have a lot of effects on my painting style.

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I have been painting a series of art works related to international students that are under related to the two cultures. The works are based on the real-life experiences of foreign students, the impact of the two kinds of cultures and the vision for the future. In my work, I try to link up the fiction and the reality that exist in the same space. I usually do not have to plan ahead of working, instead, I discuss with my models regarding the same. Before painting, I often consult with my models where they help me understand their present lives and thought and their views for the future, these help me to create good ideas for the work.

I hope people can read through my work to understand the Chinese students' real life in the United States as well as how to survive in the coexistence of the two cultures in the lives of international students. Since I found that in addition to the problem of language communication as a result of the differences in the US and the Chinese cultures, there are obstacles to communication among the students. My works that embody the American culture also contain the elements of the Chinese culture. The two kinds of culture at the same time and in one piece of work help in embodying real life experiences of Chinese people in American who have to live two kinds of cultures.

In my work, I not only use two kinds of cultural elements, but also use the way of art history. The artwork, "two Roses" is my self-portrait. It is a reflection of different periods, different cultural backgrounds of my own inner of self-portrait. I used a combination of realism and surrealism, detailed characterization, items and details of the scene in the picture. This is because, I wanted the audience to believe it not as a fiction but a real existence. In my self-portrait, I use Durers self-portrait, the clothing meaning, the conception, and background meaning. The 26-year old Durer was a successful and a very confident artist and still retains a dress and style of Italy. The dress and the hat in the portrait are both fashionable and gorgeous and have a look of pride. In my self-portrait, I also used the clothing and expression of the portray.

Every period of the artists has a more or less impact on my art works, the Northern Renaissance artists to my painting creation and study has played a very important influence. Especially Duerer and Jan Van Eycks works, the details and the meaning in their works, as well as the meaning and background of the goods, they all my artistic creation experience.

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